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Ampex AG440 Playback EQ daughter board

These boards plug into the Playback amplifiers in the electronics package of Ampex AG440 and AG445 recorders. Ampex Assembly Number: 4020270-01
From $25.00

Ampex AG440B 1/2" 4 Track head assembly

Ampex AG440B 1/2" 4 Track head assembly, looks new and marked as such, sn 402027305 trapezoidal lap on record head.

Ampex CVC-7 Maintenance Manual

Ampex CVC-7 Maintenance Manual for Ampex Betacam SP machines.

Ampex CVR-35 Maintenance Manual Volume 1

The Ampex CVR-35 is identical to the Sony BVW-35. Maintenance Manual Volume 1 in a hard binder.