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EVM12L 12 Inch Pro Line driver, Vintage!

Electro Voice EVM12L Pro driver, This is the original version that has been replaced by the "classic" and Zakk Wylde Black Label versions. Hard to find. *Please note the price is for a single speaker.*
£121.39 £96.99

Executone Mixer amplifiers

Executone Mixer amplifiers, 3 inputs: mic/aux/tel, rack or wall mount, 60/100 watt, 70V/8 ohm, Excellent condition

Executone SR9W12W15 Coaxial PA speaker

Eight inch 2 way coaxial drivers with treated surrounds and a center mounted Piezo tweeters.
From £6.09

Expert Electronics preamps with Frame

Expert Electronics preamps, similar design and construction to the Langevin AM16.
£517.89 £456.89

Fostex 2016 RackMount Line Mixer

Perfect for Stereo SubMixes of Keys or any other Line sources, Live or in the Studio. Very Clean.

Fostex 4030 Synchronizer

For any setup requiring VTR or ATR Chase of another deck, the Fostex system provides solid sync between formats using a number of sources.
From £60.39

Fostex Model 4011 Time Code Gen/Reader

A subsystem of the the 4010, this is a VITC Reader and Window burn generator. Requires 4010 for operation.

FSR SP-3R Rack Power Switcher

A 2 RU Sequential Rack power switcher and 24VDC power supply.

Gaines Audio Model 4212 Unbalanced to Balanced Line Converter

Rackmount 12 channel IHF-PRO converter.

Gentner AVT7000 Echo Cancelling Interface

This is an Audio conferencing unit designed for use with Satellite Video conferencing units.

Gepco 12 channel 14' Snake

12 Channel, 14', Fanned, Mixed 1/4" TRS & 1/4" TS both ends

Gepco 16 Channel 32' Snake

Gepco 16 Channel 32' Snake, fanned, Mixed XLR & 1/4" on both ends

Gepco 20 Pair 12' Snake

20 Channel 12' Gepco snake, fanned, 1/4" TRS to TRS & RCA connectors

Gepco 28' Snake 28 Channel

28 channel 28' Gepco snake, fanned, XLR & 1/4" TRS both ends.

Gepco 55' Snake 16 Channels

16 Channel 55' Gepco snake, fanned, one end prepped blunt, to 8 XLRs.

Grace Design Model 101 Mic Preamp

This is an early Chrome version of the Grace Mic Pre. Extremely clean, Quiet, Low noise preamp using select components and advanced design.

HEIL PL2T Studio Mic Boom Arm

An inexpensive boom arm for Broadcast desks or vocal booths. In good condition.

Henry Engineering- The Matchbox

The Matchbox by Henry Engineering. IHF to Pro Interface -10db to +4db. Stereo XLR input and outputs, to RCA inputs and outputs.
From £54.29

Hotronic AU51 Audio Delay

A 2 Channel unit perfect for making up for up to 10 Seconds of Video Delay due to DSP Latency in switchers, servers and Web Streaming setups. Very Good condition.
From £112.85

JBL 4301BE Active Studio Monitors

From 1979, this is an active pair of JBL 4301BE monitors with walnut finish and trademark JBL blue grilles. Very good condition.
£218.99 £176.29

JBL E140-8 15" Bass Drivers

JBL 15 inch, 8Ω Low frequency drivers. Price is per speaker.
From £106.75

JBL UREI 7922 Audio Delay unit

JBL UREI 7922 Audio Delay unit. Excellent condition
£231.19 £182.39

Jensen C6856 12" Coaxial Driver,16Ω

Jensen Woofer with a 3" P-35 coaxial tweeter, excellent condition. Please note--this is a single driver listing.

Jensen Driver Pair: P8RS Woofer & RP103 Horn with R106 driver.

This driver pair was used in the Jensen Duette and Heathkit SS-1. The price is for the pair.

Jensen Midrange Pair

An Early 1960s set of Jensen Mids removed from a 1963 all Tube DuMont AM/FM Console. Price is the pair.

Jensen P10RL Woofer PAIR

Very clean early 1960s Jensen Woofers removed from a 1963 all Tube DuMont AM/FM Console. Price is for the Pair.
£90.89 £67.10

Jensen Super Tweeter, RP-302

Gold version of the Jensen RP302 Super Tweeter. A single unit from an old 50's mono setup.
Call for pricing

Jensen/Heathkit 8 inch 2 way cabinet, Vintage 50's.

The drivers are Jensen P8RS full range Alnico 8" and the horn is a Jensen RP-103, driver is an R106, 16Ω.

John Hardy M-1 Microphone Preamp

The M-1 is an elite professional microphone preamp by John Hardy.


A Multi Video format Deck with 2 mic inputs and Key control. Good condition, Low hours.

JVC XDZ700 DAT recorders

JVC DAT Machines, model XDZ700DAT. fair condition

Klark-Teknik DN360 Equalizer

Klark-Teknik DN360 dual 1/3 octave graphic EQ, balanced I/O, VG
£347.09 £237.29

KRK Rokit Nearfield Monitor Pair (#2)

Original, now vintage Rokit monitors, grey 6” 2 way, front ports, good cond. This is an Excellent near field monitor.

Kurzweil K2000 V3 Keyboard Synth, SMP-K

A Kurzweil K2000 V3 5 Octave Sampling Keyboard with Orchestral ROM and SMP-K Option. Very Nice.

Lafayette LA450 Integrated Amplifier

Lafayette LA450 integrated amplifier, 3 input, A/B Spkr, phones.

Langevin FNT-10

Langevin FNT-10 600 ohm 20db pad

Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case.
Call for pricing

Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO

Mackie's 14 channel mixer has 6 mic inputs, and 4 Stereo Line inputs. Very Good Condition.

Marantz Case for 2245, 2365B Receivers

An original Marantz Wood cabinet for all Marantz 22xx series receivers. VG condition.
£139.69 £109.19

Mark Of The Unicorn (MOTU) MIDI Time Piece II

Motu Midi Time Piece 2, Good condition, Panic button cover is missing.

MDM-4 Mix Down Monitors by Ed Long: sn47031135,36

MDM-4 Mix Down Monitors, 1987 vintage by Ed Long's Calibration Standard Instruments of Oakland, CA. 2-6.5 inch woofers with a 3.5 inch mid, Rosewood with aluminum trim. Very Good condition. Price is per pair.
Call for pricing

MicMix Audio MasterRoom XL-305 Reverb

A Vintage Dual Channel Analog Reverb unit with 4 band EQ on each channel. A great addition to your digital studio outboard rack.

MicroAudio EQ POD 1.1B, 28 Band EQ

A programmable 28 band Graphic Equalizer in a very clean 1 RU package. An Early model in Blue and White.

Midiman Flying Cow 24 Bit Converter

Midiman Flying Cow 24 Bit. Analog to Digital audio converter. Balanced inputs and outputs. Converts analago to AES/EBU or SPDIF. Very good condition.
£182.39 £157.99

Milab VM-40 Omni-directional Condenser Microphone

Milab VM-40 condenser microphone with omni-directional pattern. Great acoustical instrument mic.

MXL 990/991 Recording Microphone Set

MXL microphone recording package includes two elite studio condenser microphones the MXL 990/991. Like New!

MXR Digital Time Delay Model 186 (175-1).

Vintage MXR Delay, Rack mount, very early, sn 00189.

MXR stereo 10 band Equalizer

MXR stereo 10 band Graphic Equalizer, + or - 12dB, standard ISO frequencies. Additional + or - 12dB gain control, 40Hz low cut filter. Fair condition. Missing power button.
£78.69 £54.29

Neutrik 1.5', Black TT (Bantam) Nickel Patch Cable

Nickel plated connectors to resist oxidation and ensure signal integrity. Neutrik incorporated a nice metal pull into the Plug barrel. Priced Per Cable

Neutrik 2', 1/4" Nickel, Black TRS StarQuad Patch Cable

VVG condition, High end, low noise Gepco Quad cable. Crafted in the USA with Neutrik NP3TB Nickel plated plugs to resist oxidation and ensure signal integrity with mic level signals. Prices Per Cable
From £10.36