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Altec 1561A Preamplifier package.

Six Altec Tube 1561 Tube preamplifiers mounted on a 3 RU panel. Original Vintage Altec Green.
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LPB Signature III Radio Console

LPB Model S-21 10 input Broadcast console in very good condition.
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Rane MS-1 Mic Preamplifier, sn089322.

A compact full featured mic preamp for announce booths, studios, etc. VVG condition.

Short Stop Mute Switch by ProCo

A balanced mic level Muting switch for On-Air Talent use in Radio. Originally named the Cough Drop....Noise Free Muting for all types of microphones.

Tech Lab LA.831.5.C Stepped Attenuators, sn8704.

Tech Lab (Daven) 45 db Precision Attenuators {30 steps of 1.5db}. Removed from a console, all in good condition.
From £39.65

Altec Lansing 1699A 6 channel Mixer

This is the immediate successor to the popular Green Faced Altec 1599B. Very, Very clean.

ATI P100 PRO Turntable preamplifier (Blue)

ATI P100 professional turntable preamplifier, balanced outputs. Audiophile quality RIAA Equalization with Studio level +4 db outputs, jumper selectable loading.

ATI P100 Professional Turntable Preamplifier

The Encore Series version, Balanced outputs. Audiophile quality RIAA Equalization with Studio level +4 db outputs, jumper selectable loading.
£200.69 £173.85

Avid Digidesign 888 Audio I/O, Model MH068-AV

Very clean Digidesign 8 channel Audio interface for Protools or Avid NLE setups.

Biamp Precedence CMA30 Mixer Amplifier

A versatile 6 input powered rackmount mixer for all types of installations. Very Good condition.

Bogen CT-100 powered mixer

Bogen Acousta-Master CT-100 powered mixer, Older Silver faced version,70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 5 band EQ, compressor, 2 AUX inputs, a real workhorse, Good cond.
£84.79 £72.59

Bogen CT-100C Powered Mixer

Bogen CT-100C powered mixer, 70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 10 band EQ, compressor, 6 mic, 2 AUX inputs, Later Black faced model of an industry workhorse, VG cond.

Bogen CT-60B

Bogen CT60B, 60-watt PA amplifier with 4 mic inputs, 2 aux inputs, 10-band EQ, 8 ohm and 70-volt outputs, excellent condition. A later black face version of Bogen's old workhorse with Phantom power.
£106.75 £96.99

Countryman Associates Inc. Type 85 Direct Box

A Vintage Type 85. For Studio and live use, an excellent sounding Direct Box with balanced Mic Level output.

Crown SMX6 IQ system

The SMX-6 is a single rack space six by two automatic mixer designed to be configured with a computer and appropriate software.
£456.89 £301.95

Digidesign 888-24 Bit I/O Interface

Digidesign digital interface for 24-bit recording, editing, AD and DA signal conversion.

Executone Mixer amplifiers

Executone Mixer amplifiers, 3 inputs: mic/aux/tel, rack or wall mount, 60/100 watt, 70V/8 ohm, Excellent condition

Expert Electronics preamps with Frame

Expert Electronics preamps, similar design and construction to the Langevin AM16.
£517.89 £456.89

Fostex 2016 RackMount Line Mixer

Perfect for Stereo SubMixes of Keys or any other Line sources, Live or in the Studio. Very Clean.

Grace Design Model 101 Mic Preamp

This is an early Chrome version of the Grace Mic Pre. Extremely clean, Quiet, Low noise preamp using select components and advanced design.

John Hardy M-1 Microphone Preamp

The M-1 is an elite professional microphone preamp by John Hardy.

Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO

Mackie's 14 channel mixer has 6 mic inputs, and 4 Stereo Line inputs. Very Good Condition.

Polycom Vortex EF2280

Vortex EF2280 is a multichannel acoustic echo and noise canceler.

Rane FMI 14 Preamplifier Module

Complete Mic Input Channel Switchable 48V Phantom Power 3-Band Equalizer 3-Way Assignable Sends Master A/B Output Faders

Rane FPM44 Rackmount program mixer

Rane FPM44 Rackmount program mixer, this is a half rack unit with a blank.

Rane FRS8 Flexmount system Frame

Rane Flexmount system: Each 6 RU rackmount frame consists of a power supply, with outputs for 8 modules. Please Note: There are no modules included with these frames.

Rane HC6 Headphone Amplifier

6-channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier with Independent Volume Controls and Front and Rear outputs.
£96.99 £78.69

Roland DM800 MultiTrack Disk Recorder snZI01497

Roland's DM800 Digital Audio Workstation. A completely self contained portable version of the DM-80. Good Condition.
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Roland DM80-8 Complete DAW System

Roland's DM80 Digital Audio Workstation includes all 3 of the units pictured; Recorder, Fader and Remote units.
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Roland DM80-8 Disk Recorder

Roland DM80 Digital Audio Workstation
£243.39 £212.89

Roland VS-880EX Workstation For REPAIR.

Roland VS-880EX Digital Audio Workstation, 8 inputs, full digital signal management and effects. Fair cosmetics,sold AS IS.

Shure AMS8000 rackmount automatic mic mixer

Shure AMS8000 Rackmount automatic microphone mixer 8x1 with direct outputs. *Please note this mixer is designed to work with Shure AMS Microphones*
From £39.65

Shure M267 4x1 mic/line mixer

Shure M267 4x1 mic/line mixer, internal limiter, Good condition. Rack-mountable.
£133.59 £60.39

Shure M67 4x1 mic/line mixer

Shure M67 4x1 mic/line mixers, 4 transformer coupled balanced inputs, Mic & line level balanced outputs, Headphone jack, built in tone oscillator, dual range Meter (+4/+10 ref)
From £33.55

Shure ST4300 Automix Telephone Conferencing System

Shure ST4300 Automix Telephone conferencing Rackmount system, 4 mic inputs w/2 STM30 mics & Remote, Excellent Condition.
£353.19 £261.69

Soundcraft Delta SR Mixing Board

Soundcraft Delta SR mixer with CPS 150 power supply. Excellent condition.
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Spirit by Soundcraft AES/EBU Interface

Soundcraft Spirit 8 Channel Digital audio (AES/EBU) Interface by Soundcraft. Perfect interface for DIGIDesign 888, etc.

Symetrix SX201 (Pair) Parametric EQ

Pair of Symetrix SX201 units including rack mount kit. Great condition, popular studio 3-band parametric EQ. Balanced/Unbalanced Outputs, Preamp Input 20db Gain, Unbalanced/Balanced Input. Sold as a pair.

Tascam 788 Digital Portastudio

Tascam's self contained portable Digital Hard disk mixer and recorder. Can be expanded with external Hard drives.
£145.79 £121.39

Tascam M-106 mixer, 6x4, with Phono Preamps

Vintage Tascam M-106 6x4 mixer, mic and line inputs, direct outs, 2 stereo phono preamps, analog meters, inserts, buss outputs, monitor outs. Very Good condition.

TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer

An antique (1979) offering by Teac to the home recordist.

USA Audio Whirlwind MIX5 Mono mixer

USA Audio Whirlwind MIX5 1 RU Rackmount audio mixer, 5 inputs, 4 microphone inputs & 1 AUX input, Phantom power. Very good condition
£139.69 £109.19

USA Audio Whirlwind MIX5 Stereo Mixer

USA Audio Whirlwind MIX5 1 RU Rackmount audio mixer, 5 inputs, 4 microphone inputs & 1 AUX input, Phantom power. Excellent condition.
£170.19 £139.69

Yamaha M406 6 input Mixer, Rackmount

Excellent condition Yamaha mixer, 3 band EQ, Stereo outputs, Dual Aux sends and analog Meters. All Transformer Coupled!

Yamaha PM-180 Rackmount Stereo Mixer sn3969 VG

A 6 input Stereo Mixer with transformer coupled inputs and outputs. Superior Yamaha quality in a 4 Ru Package! VG Cond.