Dumont Tube Receiver & Power Supply

Removed from an Early 1960's AM-FM Stereo console, Model 526, this all tube amplifier has 6BQ5 transformer coupled outputs.
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This console combined a number of features that were soon to disappear with the newer solid state models.

Dumont, a division of Emerson Radio, built this amplifier and receiver on 2 chassis.  The top portion houses the Tuner section & Tuning Eye, Tone & Balance controls, Selector switch and a complement of 9 tubes.   The smaller chassis contains the power supply and power amplifier, and connects to the control chassis with a multipin Molex connector, and a pair of RCA-RCA cables. 

  • All Tubes
  • AM FM Stereo multiplex
  • FM Stereo Indicator
  • Phono Input
  • 17C9 Green Tuning Eye tube
  • 6BQ5/EL84 Outputs
  • 5U4 Rectifier
  • Transformer coupled outputs

The console was tested immediately prior to removal of the amplifier and turntable and has been checked out and retested on the bench.   The FM section worked very well with just the internal antenna, however there is some drift using the AFC feature. The AM section produced a strong, clean output on most local stations.  Since it still has many, if not all of the original Emerson branded tubes, it may need some work to bring the FM section up to peak performance.   Like most tube gear it sound improves after it's been powered up for a short time.

Its low frequency response was surprisingly strong for an older tube amp. 

The cabinet is gone but we were able to save the guts of it including the original Jensen 3 way drivers, which are being sold separately.   The original Garrard AT6, 4 speed changer is also available separately.