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Alesis Quadraverb multi-effects processor

Alesis Quadraverb multi-effects processor. 20k bandwidth simultaneous digital effects processor. Very good condition

AudioArts Engineering Model 4100 Parametric Equalizer

4 Band Parametric EQ with Balanced I/O, Overlapping bands with very flexible Q and Depth controls.

Boss SE50 Stereo EFX Processor

Vintage Boss SE50 Stereo EFX processor, MIDI I/O, great effects, Good condition with power supply,1/2 rack.

Digidesign MIDI I/O Interface

10x10 Channel Digidesign Midi I/O Interface

Digital Music MX-8 Midi Patch Bay

This is an 6x8 Midi Router and processor. A favorite of anyone who has ever owned one. Great for Live use.

Digitech Studio Quad V2 4x4 Multi-Effects Processor

Digitech Studio Quad V2 4x4 Multi Effects Processor (cat=effects) untested, missing power supply
£133.59 £90.89

EMU Proteus 1 sound module

EMU Proteus 1 sound module, good condition. 16 Bit multi-timbral digital sound module

Eventide H3000S Ultra-Harmonizer snS3912

Eventide H3000S Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor in Excellent condition.
Call for pricing

Mark Of The Unicorn (MOTU) MIDI Time Piece II

Motu Midi Time Piece 2, Good condition, Panic button cover is missing.

MicMix Audio MasterRoom XL-305 Reverb

A Vintage Dual Channel Analog Reverb unit with 4 band EQ on each channel. A great addition to your digital studio outboard rack.

Midiman Flying Cow 24 Bit Converter

Midiman Flying Cow 24 Bit. Analog to Digital audio converter. Balanced inputs and outputs. Converts analago to AES/EBU or SPDIF. Very good condition.
£182.39 £157.99

MXR Digital Time Delay Model 186 (175-1).

Vintage MXR Delay, Rack mount, very early, sn 00189.

Opcode Studio Plus 2 Mac/MIDI box

Opcode Studio Plus 2 Mac/MIDI box, ST2330, manual, cable, untested.

Roland DM80-8 Disk Recorder

Roland DM80 Digital Audio Workstation
£243.39 £212.89

TC Electronic Finalizer Plus

The Finalizer Plus is a true 24bit resolution A/D and D/A Converter that gives you all the versatility and features you need to add the finishing touches to your mix.

Yamaha RX8 Drum Machine

Classic Yamaha RX8 Drum Machine loaded with several different drum patches.