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Altec Lansing 1699A 6 channel Mixer

This is the immediate successor to the popular Green Faced Altec 1599B. Very, Very clean.

Biamp Precedence CMA30 Mixer Amplifier

A versatile 6 input powered rackmount mixer for all types of installations. Very Good condition.

Bogen CT-100 powered mixer

Bogen Acousta-Master CT-100 powered mixer, Older Silver faced version,70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 5 band EQ, compressor, 2 AUX inputs, a real workhorse, Good cond.
£84.79 £72.59

Bogen CT-100C Powered Mixer

Bogen CT-100C powered mixer, 70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 10 band EQ, compressor, 6 mic, 2 AUX inputs, Later Black faced model of an industry workhorse, VG cond.

Bogen CT-60B

Bogen CT60B, 60-watt PA amplifier with 4 mic inputs, 2 aux inputs, 10-band EQ, 8 ohm and 70-volt outputs, excellent condition. A later black face version of Bogen's old workhorse with Phantom power.
£106.75 £96.99

Countryman Associates Inc. Type 85 Direct Box

A Vintage Type 85. For Studio and live use, an excellent sounding Direct Box with balanced Mic Level output.

Crown D75 Power Amps

The Ubiquitous choice of the uncompromising engineer; reliable, easy on the eye, solid performance. Several available. All are very clean.

Crown SMX6 IQ system

The SMX-6 is a single rack space six by two automatic mixer designed to be configured with a computer and appropriate software.
£456.89 £301.95

dbx 160A Limiter/Compressors; sn001586, 589

These units are in VVVG condition, one owner, installed in 2003. Please note the price is per Unit.
From £127.49

Ensoniq EPS M Vintage Synth Rack Sampler Module

Listed as a 13 Bit Sampler, this is a late 1980's Rack version of the Keyboard. VVG condition with 1 small defect. Complete with Large Library of Floppies and manual.

EVM12L 12 Inch Pro Line driver, Vintage!

Electro Voice EVM12L Pro driver, This is the original version that has been replaced by the "classic" and Zakk Wylde Black Label versions. Hard to find. *Please note the price is for a single speaker.*
£121.39 £96.99

Executone SR9W12W15 Coaxial PA speaker

Eight inch 2 way coaxial drivers with treated surrounds and a center mounted Piezo tweeters.
From £6.09

Fostex 2016 RackMount Line Mixer

Perfect for Stereo SubMixes of Keys or any other Line sources, Live or in the Studio. Very Clean.

Grace Design Model 101 Mic Preamp

This is an early Chrome version of the Grace Mic Pre. Extremely clean, Quiet, Low noise preamp using select components and advanced design.

JBL E140-8 15" Bass Drivers

JBL 15 inch, 8Ω Low frequency drivers. Price is per speaker.
From £106.75

JBL UREI 7922 Audio Delay unit

JBL UREI 7922 Audio Delay unit. Excellent condition
£231.19 £182.39

Jensen C6856 12" Coaxial Driver,16Ω

Jensen Woofer with a 3" P-35 coaxial tweeter, excellent condition. Please note--this is a single driver listing.

Jensen P10RL Woofer PAIR

Very clean early 1960s Jensen Woofers removed from a 1963 all Tube DuMont AM/FM Console. Price is for the Pair.
£90.89 £72.59

Kurzweil K2000 V3 Keyboard Synth, SMP-K

A Kurzweil K2000 V3 5 Octave Sampling Keyboard with Orchestral ROM and SMP-K Option. Very Nice.

Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO

Mackie's 14 channel mixer has 6 mic inputs, and 4 Stereo Line inputs. Very Good Condition.

MicroAudio EQ POD 1.1B, 28 Band EQ

A programmable 28 band Graphic Equalizer in a very clean 1 RU package. An Early model in Blue and White.

MXR Digital Time Delay Model 186 (175-1).

Vintage MXR Delay, Rack mount, very early, sn 00189.

Oxmoor MDA-26 Audio DA

Oxmoor's Dual 1x3 Balanced Audio DA with XLR I/Os. Audiophile DA, Very flexible, quiet, with max output of 24dbm.
From £72.59

Rane AC22 Active Electronic Crossover

Rane AC22 Stereo 2-way or Mono 3-way Crossover. Clean, one owner piece, from a no-smoking studio.

Rolls RA235 Power Amplifier

Rolls Model RA 235, with front panel level controls, 35 WPC @ 4Ω. Excellent cosmetics, great sounding amp.

Samson Servo 150 Power Amplifier

This is a 75 Watt Per Channel Studio Power amplifier, perfect for small edit suites or mixdown rooms.

Samson Servo 170 Studio Power Amplifier

A beefier version of the Servo 150, this one is rated at 85 Watts per Channel. With Balanced inputs. Fair cosmetic condition.

Shure AMS8000 rackmount automatic mic mixer

Shure AMS8000 Rackmount automatic microphone mixer 8x1 with direct outputs. *Please note this mixer is designed to work with Shure AMS Microphones*
From £39.65

Soundcraft Delta SR Mixing Board

Soundcraft Delta SR mixer with CPS 150 power supply. Excellent condition.
Call for pricing

Telex AAT-1 Assistive Listening Transmitter

This is a standard FM transmitter used for hard of hearing transmissions.

Telex FMR-70 Wireless Microphone Receiver

Telex FMR-70 is a VHF wireless microphone receiver.

Whirlwind SAT-1 headphone dist box

Whirlwind SAT-1 headphone dist box. Good condition.
£78.69 £60.39

Yamaha M406 6 input Mixer, Rackmount

Excellent condition Yamaha mixer, 3 band EQ, Stereo outputs, Dual Aux sends and analog Meters. All Transformer Coupled!

Yamaha P2050 Power Amplifier (sn 6673)

Yamaha Pro-Series amp Natural Sound Power Amplifier; Balanced inputs, front panel controls, Phase switches on each channel. 45 WPC @ 8Ω. POOR cosmetics, great sounding amp.

Yamaha P2075C Power Amplifier (snNM01029)

Yamaha Pro-Series amp Natural Sound Power Amplifier; Balanced inputs, front panel level controls, 50 WPC @ 8Ω. Very good cosmetics, a sweet sounding amp.
£103.09 £72.59

Yamaha P-2100 Power Amplifier

Yamaha Pro-Series amp; Balanced inputs, front panel controls, Phase switches on each channel. 110 WPC @ 8Ω. This unit is on hold pending repair.
£145.79 £109.19

Yamaha PM-180 Rackmount Stereo Mixer sn3969 VG

A 6 input Stereo Mixer with transformer coupled inputs and outputs. Superior Yamaha quality in a 4 Ru Package! VG Cond.

Yamaha RX8 Drum Machine

Classic Yamaha RX8 Drum Machine loaded with several different drum patches.