NEC SP-3A CCD Color Video Camera

Vintage, working 1986 3 chip camera with a Fujinon Eagle II Macro Zoom lens.
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This piece is from local production house inventory.   It is a 3 chip Professional ENG Camera that It works fine, however the Viewfinder Eyepiece is missing, along with an optional right side handle.   It has some signs of normal wear but nothing out of the ordinary considering its age.   It tested well and makes good pictures.   It can be powered from any standard 12V video power supply.   This is an early example of CCD ENG cameras.

This camera has the following features:

  • 3 chip color CCD pickup
  • Fast 9.5 to 152 mm Zoom with Macro 
  • Genlock capable
  • Multi pin Remote CCU connector
  • Variable shutter speeds (to 2000 FPS)
  • Color Bar output
  • +9, +18 db gain settings
  • Auto White Balance with Presets
  • Black Stretch
  • Remote or External 12 Volt power