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Buhl Optical .500" EFL f1.4 Right Angle RP Lens

Buhl 16mm Rear Projection lens, Fast, Super wide. Buhl model 420-410.

Buhl Optical .625" (16mm) F16, Right Angle lens

Buhl Stock #850-810, Rear Projection Wide Angle lens for 16mm projectors.

Buhl Optical 1.0" EFL Superwide Lens

Wide enough for RP use, this is a high quality, flat field Slide projection lens. No f rating on the barrel, and the rack focus tube is damaged, but usable.

Buhl Optical 1.4" f2.5 Hi-Speed Super Wide

Beautifully made Wide angle Slide projection Lens, all metal construction. These lenses are great for Rear Projection setups with a short throw distance. Anodized finish. pn 891-60
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