Altec A333A Tube Power amplifier, NSN.

A working 1950s Mono Altec HiFi tube amplifier. This amplifier and has been tested and is working well. Please read the full description. Selling As Is.
Fabricant: Altec
Disponibilité: En stock

This amplifier is original except for the power transformer, which was replaced with a Stancor model PC8405 by others.  (The work is not recent, and was likely performed by a shop in Philadelphia.) 

The chassis has some rust around the transformer mounting clips and internally along the jack mounts (power, input, etc.).  There's no rust on the cage or the rest of the chassis. 

The internal components appear to be original.  None of the lytics show any signs of swelling or leakage, and there are no signs of overheating on any resistors. 

The amp was monitored while the AC voltage was slowly brought up.  After a 20 minute warmup at full voltage the amp was tested and sounded great at all volumes.  Surprisingly there is no audible hum, and the response was excellent across the spectrum.    

PLEASE NOTE: A full restoration along with recapping is  necessary to bring the amp up to current safety standards.  

Tube complement:

  • 1 OA3
  • 1 5U4 
  • 2 6L6
  • 1 6J5
  • 1 6SJ7