Altec Lansing 1699A 6 channel Mixer

This is the immediate successor to the popular Green Faced Altec 1599B. Very, Very clean.
Fabricant: Altec
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This one owner unit was installed in a small conference center in 1982.  

Like the Altec 1599, these mixers featured a very simple, clean, transformer coupled input circuit. 

A full specification sheet is not available for the 1699 but here are some features:

  • 6 mic inputs, Channels 5 & 6 Mic/line
  • Individual Phantom power switched
  • 80 db gain 
  • Gain reduction Trim switches:  -14db, -28db
  • Output +18dbm into 600Ω
  • Low pass filter: 5KHZ, 6db/Oct (internal)
  • High Pass filter per channel:  250 HZ, 6db/Oct (internal) 
  • Dims:  19" x 8" x 5.25"  (3 RU high)
  • 12 pounds