Ampex 351 Tube Electronics package, nsn, stk 1330.

One of 4 mid 1950s 351 Electronics modules, Very good cosmetics. SOLD OUT.
Fabricant: AMPEX
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These Ampex electronics have become popular as stand alone microphone preamplifiers in recording studios.  This package was one of three complete mono Ampex machines that were used in an old dubbing setup.  These chassis' were built with the power supply and all of the Record, Playback and Bias circuitry required to operate a single channel of the Ampex 350/35x machines.

They also have a large VU meter with the original old school incandescent lamps.  

Their popularity as a Microphone preamp may not be undeserved, but there's a lot more to this large chassis than the preamp section.  

This unit is original with the possible exception of some of the tubes.  It has not been recapped and is being sold as is for restoration or parts.

The cosmetic condition of the front panel is VVG, with all of the original knobs and paint intact.  There are a some light scratches to the stainless steel panel, but nothing deep, no dents, or damage to the paint.

The meter works perfectly and there are no cracks or scratches to the glass.  

Please Note:

  • Input audio passes without a transformer, using the bridged input setting.
  • The photos were taken with the tube shields removed, they are included
  • There is no top or bottom cover.
  • Certain functions (Bias, EQ, PB levels) can only be tested with a compatible deck assembly. 
  • This unit is being sold without an input transformer or power cord.