Analog Audio Recorder Parts

Used parts for a variety of tape decks, pulled from cannibalized machines.

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Ampex 351 Tube Electronics package, nsn, stk 1330.

One of several mid 1950s 351 Electronics modules, Very good cosmetics, passes audio.

Otari MX5050-BQ Amplifier Chassis, with Meters.

The 4 track Amplifier chassis includes 4 Meters, pots, switches and miscellaneous wiring and connectors. Amplifier cards and main amplifier PCB are not included.

Otari MX5050 Reel Spindle assembly: #KW0E038, KW0B017 1 each.

A replacement reel spindle Assembly for Otari MX-5050 machines. Otari Reel spindle, consists of the Reel Nails and Reel Drum (pn: KW0E038 and KW0B017 respectively). Price is for a single spindle.
A partir de £15.25

Otari MX5050 Reel Table (1)

A replacement reel table for Otari MX-5050 machines. Price is per single table.
A partir de £12.20

Otari 4 track Head harness assembly, VG condition.

Head Harness from an Otari MX5050-BQII, 4 channel quarter inch machine.