ATI P100 Professional Turntable Preamplifier

The Encore Series version, Balanced outputs. Audiophile quality RIAA Equalization with Studio level +4 db outputs, jumper selectable loading.
Fabricant: ATI
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The P100 interface is a high end Turntable Preamplifier and Pro level converter.  It provides standard RIAA Equalization and ouputs active Balanced +4 db levels for use in Pro recording environments and high end stereo systems.   If you need an RIAA preamplifier for transferring LPs  the  P100 provides excellent isolation with 2 level controls and Gold plated RCA jacks.  It also provides varying degrees of jumper selectable cartridge loading depending upon your application.

The ATI P100 Preamp has been out of production for some time, having been replaced by the P1000, which was also discontinued around 2005 or so.  The P100 is a bit hard to find.  This Encore Version of the P100 has white on black label, instead of the white on blue of the earlier version.  They both came in the same package and as far as we can tell, shared much of the same circuitry.   The

Never heard of ATI?  They've been building high quality, bulletproof gear for the Broadcast industry for more than 30 years.  bibbtek has been installing their products in places ranging from Edit suites and Audio Production Studios to Conference rooms and School Auditoriums, with a remarkably low failure rate.

We love this stuff.   This gear is very well constructed and designed by folks who know the business of delivering high quality audio dependably, in high RF environments without compromise.

We have ATI DAs that remain in continuous service since 1981!

Want to know more?  Check them out at  You can view the P1000 spec sheet here.


Adjustable R and C Phono cartridge loading
750 mVp-p input headroom
Active 2 pole subsonic Warp Filter
90 db signal-to-noise ratio
Precision equalizer with polystyrene capacitors and film resistors for stability
Old or new RIAA curve by jumper change
+18dBm active balanced outputs
13V/uSec Slew Rate for minimum TIM
Fully RF protected with double ground plane P.C. boards, well shielded steel enclosure, double bypassing and Ferrite suppressors on all input, output and power leads
Quality components, socketed IC's, AB pots, shielded power xfmr.


Input Impedance: programmable, 50K to 100K ohms, 50 to 400 pf in 50 pf steps.

Input Level: 5 mV nominal for +4dBm output, 250 mVRMS maximum at 1 KHz.

Noise: S/N 80db minimum unwgtd, 90db "A" wgtd. ref. lOmVrms at 1 KHz, 600 ohm input termination and 20 KHz measurement band.

Response: ±.5db30 to 20,000 Hz. ref. old or new RIAA curve.

Subsonic Warp Filter: flat to 30 Hz,-6db at 20 Hz, -20db at 10 Hz, -30db at 5 Hz.

Channel Separation: 60db min. 20 to 20KHz.

Slew Rate: 13V/uSec

Output Level: +18dBm into 600 ohm balanced or unbalanced loads. 10Vrms into high impedance loads.

Output Impedance: 400 ohms balanced, 200 ohms single ended, split and RF bypassed.

Distortion: .1% max. THD 20-20,000 Hz at +18dBm into 600 ohm balanced loads, .05% typical into Hi-Z and single ended 600 ohm loads. IMD .05% max., SMPTE measurement.

Power: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 6VA

Connectors: input, RCA type phono jacks, output-barrier block, .375 inch centers.