AudioPlex Model AT- 802 In Wall speakers

A pair of 8 inch 2 way speakers, designed for Easy in wall installation.
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These are high quality in wall speakers that use an 8" Polypropylene woofer coupled to a steerable Mylar tweeter, mounted on a ported baffle for excellent bass response, complete with crossover.  The baffle has 6 integral dogs for easy installation into any 3.5" wall cavity.   No additional framing or mounting hardware is needed.  The frames and grills can be painted and these are excellent foreground speakers for a home theater.

This is a NOS pair that's never been out of the box, and it is complete with instructions and template.  

The woofers are black poly with rubber surrounds, so you'll never have to worry about the foam rotting out.   They are high compliance drivers, with a 1" VC, large magnet and a low resonant frequency.

The tweeters appear to be treated fabric and the actual radiating area is just over 1".   The 1.75" spec that is listed on the box refers to the overall diameter, not the dome diameter.



  • 200 Watt power handling
  • 45Hz to 20KHz response
  • 8" polypropelene woofer
  • 1.25" Mylar tweeter, on gimbal for pivoting
  • 6 db tweeter adjustment (+/- 3db)
  • Overall Frame dimension is 10.25" x 14.31", cutout dimension is approximately 1.5" smaller (.75" per side)
  • Required Wall Cavity depth is 4" (3.5" stud, 1/2" GWB min.)
  • Spring terminals