Jeff B.,  Marantz wood case for 22xx receivers

Hi, Jeff B here. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent condition case that I received yesterday. It is hard to find an original case like this. Packing was great and I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased. Kindest Regards, Jeff B..Bristol, Tn.


Stephen L, Ampex Meter Assembly, pn 4010098-01


The shipping was so fast I could hardly believe jt!! Thank you sooooo much!
Will re examine your products for sale!!



Preston H., A 1987 Technics SL-P1200 CD Player.  

Hi Mr. T……. Was writing to let you know that the Technics SL-P 1200 arrived safe and sound today….!!! She looks and sound as anticipated!!! Haven’t hooked her up to mixer and all but did a simple test through headphones and sounds GREAT!!! Controls are functioning so yes I’m very pleased with this unit!!! As soon as I hook everything up later this week …. I will be sending you some pic’s of my vintage setup that will stand-up to any contenders we may encounter…. !!!! Thank-you soooo much for making this setup COMPLETE!!!! Again I graciously thank-you & may God bless you and yours …!!!! A very happy Preston H. * 
Sent from my iPhone


Jon G, Roland 201 Space Echo

Thank you TJ!   I received the package this morning and just got a chance to test it all out. The machine sounds and looks excellent!! Pristine as you mentioned, and I would agree. 

 I want to report to you that on my preliminary tests, the unit appears to have fared quite well in transit and all functions appear to be working correctly and smoothly. I want to thank you for doing such a great job packaging this and making sure it was up to snuff. If there is a place where I can write a nice review I would love to post this. 

 I can definitely tell that you put a lot of thought and care into this sale and shipping and for that I greatly appreciate it. I haven't always had the best of luck buying things on the internet used market, but this will go down as one of my best experiences. 

This space echo unit will be used for many years to come in my studio for new and old artists excited to explore innovations of the past and make new music into the future!
I will stay in touch and after I finish the current record I am working on I will reach out again and most likely make more purchases and would like to hire you for some consulting/mentorship calls when the schedules are right.
The tape echo is a real hit!
Take care and thank you again TJ! 
Jon Gilbert


Colin B., SGI Indy Web Force Computer:

TJ, The Indy arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much for packing it as well as you did! I really appreciate it. It was a pleasure doing business with you! Cheer, Colin


Andy Y., Shure SM57

Thank you for your honesty regarding the Shure SM57 unidyne. I really appreciate you guys being up-front about the issue. It goes a long way. I will certainly keep searching for gear on your website. Thank you for the refund TJ. Cheers 🙏 -Andy


Scot B., Lightspeed Productions, Inc., Fujinon SRD51

Hi TJ, Received the remote zoom unit today. Works perfectly with my cam/lens. Thanks!


Andy L., dbx 165 Limiter Compressor, sn 1309:

Hi Tom, I got the 165 patched in and played with it briefly yesterday. It's a fine example, and one of the cleanest I've seen--it looks practically brand new. Thank you much! Best, Andy.


Mark Wall, Altec Model 67A Filter, sn 391521, UK

The Altec filter arrived today Alive & Well. I have rigged it up to my mixer...and it sounds perfect.Thanks so much for making this all happen making this dream reality!

Top class packaging of the unit & your service overall was 100%.  Really excited to own an piece of history! This high pass filter 69A was used by King Tubby for making dub music so will sound amazing switching the frequencies similar to what he did.  Amazing service you have.  Let’s stay in touch.



Bill Barnat, Lawson L47 Tube Microphone package

Hi Tom,

Just want to thank you again for the opportunity you gave me to buy the Lawson L47 mic. Not only was the price more-than-fair, but the extra measure you took to ensure that it was in fine working order went above and beyond.

Normally, a dealer sells things “as is”, faults and all. And sometimes they keep those faults hidden. The fact that you took time to bench test it for me first- AND THEN, sent it to the original manufacturer to correct what you found to be out-of-spec, speaks volumes of your integrity and long-term commitment to your customers. And on top of that, you still honored the original sale price! What can I say?- I’m more than impressed, and will be confidently buying gear from you again in the future.

Kind Regards, Bill Barnat, Mount Holly


 Scott S., Replacement of Roland XP-10 LCD display.

 Hey Tom ... I was going to text/email you yesterday afternoon to say "Wow -- the damned thing looks and works perfectly -- and I like the blue so much better than the old green display..." but I thought you might consider such gushing praise unbecoming from someone of my age and gravitas. ; ) I couldn't be happier with your work -- and perseverance ... particularly so since I'd reached a point where I had made peace with the "fact" that it was likely unrepairable and was headed from the junkpile. Thanks again -- stay safe and healthy -- I'll see you as soon as my next aging instrument fritzes.



 Frank S., Germany, Fostex 4030.

Hello Tom, the Fostex 4030 is arrived and is already working. Thanks for the deal ! Frank Von meinem iPad gesendet


Robert S., Apogee Ensemble Firewire 1990s Silver. sn: EN71634. (Via Reverb) 


Everything arrived in excellent condition and so far looks sounds fantastic. I’ll leave feedback right now. Sorry I’m just getting to that. Work has been a little crazy with the virus situation.----Perfect transaction! Great communication and fast shipping! Item was packed very well and is in fantastic condition!

Thanks!! Robert.


Andrew W., EV RE20, sn844--rebuilt. (via Reverb)

  Awesome company! Very responsive and professional. I would definitely buy another refurb mic from them - Andrew W.


Cole R, EV RE20, sn904--rebuilt. (via Reverb)

Extremely fast, willing to negotiate a fair price, reached out to me right after purchase and created a friendly relationship to make the transaction go smoothly. Buying old equipment online can be a bit scary sometimes, but sellers like TJ put your mind at ease. - Cole R.

PS:  Forgot to tell you, sounds great! Thanks for the sweet piece of gear.


Denny,  Jensen C10PF speakers

Tom, Speakers arrived in fine shape, thanks for packing them well. I popped them in a pair of Infinity cabs and with my Mac 30s they sound quite nice. These two may not get reconed. Best Regards, Denny


Daniel C., Avid Ultra 320/LVD 6th Generation SCSI Media Drives

Hi Tom, sry for delay, rcvd scsi drives, all working well.. Excellent packaging, thanks so much for that. They all formatted okay, yet for some reason they didn't want to initialize to FAT32, but that's okay, they all initialised to HFS+ and that works fine for me. My other drives simply convert it to FAT32 from your drives. Anyway, thanks again, how / where do I leave a positive testimonial, shall I go to your website? Da


Chris L., London Yamaha P2050 

Thanks again Tom. Perfect service so far. Keep this up and you will have a very happy customer - all the best.



Mitch, SouthshoreSound: Searching for pinout information for Fairchild Limiter 

Tom, Thank you so much for this info. I was wondering if I would ever find anything. The "Auto-10" is not desirable so there's very little information on them. You just made my day! Once again, thank you so much! Mitch  


Ken Kirkpatrick DDS, Tentel T2-H7

Hi Tom, Well the Tentel arrived this morning and the packaging was absolutely perfect! And The instrument itself looks mint. I have not had a chance to use it yet, but will this afternoon to finish a tape deck alignment. I could not be more pleased. :)

Oh please absolutely use my feedback. I only wish more folks ran a business like you do!!

Thanks! Ken Kirkpatick


Wes Smith, 1960s Dumont Tube Console.

Swapped out the guts - substituted some of the pieces and parts that had the best cosmetic finish - added an aux input - works great. A pleasure doing business with you.
Please see attached video from my son.


James Suttles, EWT Consulting: NEC SP-3A Video Camera.

Thank you for the update on packing. I agree that wrapping the lens and viewfinder separately are definitely a good idea. I will send you the cashier's check next week. Have a wonderful holiday, and thank you very, very much. Appreciate all your wonderful help.

Jim Suttles EWT Consultants

Attn: TJ:

Tom, I received the SP-3A camera last week. It arrived in excellent condition. Man, you really know how to pack something! Thank you very, very much for all your great help. Many thanks. Jim Suttles


Larry H., Indiana, Dahlquist Magnat drivers.


Thanks for getting the order out so quickly. I received the Magnat drivers today, and they were in excellent condition. I have my DQM-9C's back up and running.

Thanks again, Larry


Tom T., Peavey PV10 Mixer, PA.

Hello Tom,
The Peavey PV10 mixer arrived.  All check out well.  It was smaller than I thought and fit in both the case I was measuring, plus another case that I use often.  I am pleased. 


David Barwick, Studio 81,  ADC Patch Panels

Installation is now complete.  I love these patch panels.  Even though these are used, they feel like new.

Tom is the definition of kick ass customer service.  He was quick to answer all my questions by phone and email.  Even thought my patch panel order was small, he went out of his way to insure I had all the details (the details, that I was not familiar with).  I now go to bibbteck.com when looking for equipment.  I look forward to future transactions.
Studio 81

David Barwick
Studio 81

Tom D. A/V Tech, Atlas SACR191

Getting back with you to let you know the 191 is installed and working fine. I did re-wire the sequencing system as per your instructions, with only two SACS-1's on each relay. Works like brand new.  And the #3 relay does not affect our operation in any way.

I took a few moments to read some of your testimonials. Good Stuff. And obviously all of it very true. It's a pleasure doing business with an honest and knowledgeable person like yourself. Hard to find these days, but you are the real deal. First time I spoke with you on the phone last week, felt like I'd known you for years.......Let me know anything I can do for you......No doubt with all the older gear we're running here at the Rock, it's more than likely we'll be in touch again.....

Really appreciate your taking the time to help us out with this. Great to meet you, and won't hesitate to get in touch again. Praying God's Blessings on you! Have a wonderful day!!


Rock Church International
Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Mike C. Producer, LX-1 Deck

I think the greatest selling point of your company is that you have many years of experience and bring that to each conversation we have.    It's nice to have a person looking out for me and to answer my questions and needs with the right solution rather than the most expensive one.

DeBergerac Productions, Inc.
Fairport, NY


From Jeff, Ham radio goodies

I saw a listing of some electronic items... which I thought would be useful in my Ham radio hobby projects and contacted Tom via email.   I was surprised when he called right back (sometimes I never hear back on emails about listings).  We had a good discussion about the variety of gear he collects, curates and sells.  We stayed in contact by email and I was amazed when each time I asked him if he possibly had another part or item, he quickly came back with pictures of that very thing.   I ultimately ended up purchasing three large boxes stuffed (actually very carefully packed) with Ham radio goodies including connectors, cable, tubes, tuning coils, capacitors, chokes, a couple of antenna tuners, coax switches, and a transverter among other things.  I have been having a grand time sorting through it all, using various bits for projects, and dreaming up new applications.  Many thanks to the knowledgable and responsive staff (Tom) at bibteck for a great experience!


From Thomas Bårdsen, Otari MX5050 BQ decks:

For a 250,000 hour tape transfer project, bibbteck...tracked down the special replay machines needed, and delivered them fully refurbished. The work done was fully professional and their services are highly recommended.
Thomas Bårdsen
Production Manager Audio Preservations
National Library of Norway

From Mitch Anderson, Producer:

I was in search of an oddball piece, a rackmount for my vintage Shure M67 microphone preamp/mixer. I looked all over town and found nothing. I searched online and found this wonderful company.   My rack came shipped to my door extremely well packaged and in a very timely fashion.  The price was great as well!   I will be doing business with bibbtek in the future.  They are an audio engineer focused team that stands out in a overly saturated audio equipment sales market.


Mitch Anderson
Black Circle Radio Owner/Producer/Host
Brilliance Publishing Audio Engineer

From Dick & Mary Sturtz, BT Agile Modulators:

We are very pleased with the services we have received from your company!

Dick & Mary Sturtz,  Skyview TV, Inc. Broadus, MT 59317

From James, in Australia:

Thank you, the Ciro splicer arrived today in good condition..although the box was squished terribly the good packaging ensured it survived without problems!

I just wanted to say thank you, the splicer works well, and thank you also for working with me re: postage a lot of people just wont ship internationally or refuse to look into the weird shipping prices usps etc have\so a lot of times i just cannot buy from overseas as its outrageously expensive for items like these.

Thanks again,

Australian TV Archive

From Christopher Cuccia, Vintage Jensen/Heath Speaker System:
Dear Tom,

I just want to say thank you very much for the assistance with the purchase of the Heathkit speaker with 8 inch full range driver and compression horn.

First and foremost I would like to say that your time and consideration on the phone in assistance of my situation was second to none and that I received the speaker super well-packaged and totally as you had explained.    Also, I would like to thank you very very much for the advice on tape machines and recording setup for my firends' studio which is still in the idea phase. You are always great to speak to, a wealth of information and totally accessible for any matter of concern.     Hats off to many future transactions and business dealings.


Christopher Cuccia

From Jim Wynn, AJA IO-HD:

Hi Tom,

The AJA IO-HD arrived in excellent condition and functions just as it should.  I consider the price to have been very reasonable.    I’ll be looking to you for any used equipment purchases in the future.

Jim D. Wynn, CPBE®
Austin, TX

From Paul Lowman, AudioArts AIR 2 Console:

Hello Tom,

...I want to say thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you. The console is in impeccable condition. 

My experience with Bibbtech.com has been excellent.  Excellent customer service: Regardless of the reason for contacting the company, there was always quick pleasant responses to my questions. The item was extremely well packed, there were no damages or scratches. Not only did their shipping department added packing materials to prevent the item from shifting, they also applied glue to the box to ensure that it does not get accidentally opened. The item I ordered was electronic and needed to specially packed.  It was shipped to my courier and then to me 1/2 a world away without any problems to the item.

It was a pleasure doing business with Bibbteck.com and I want to thank Tom and his company for the excellent service.    I am so pleased that I keep looking at the site for anything else that I may need...

Paul Lowman
Abu Dhabi

From Don Brown, Tascam 32 Purchase:


Not to sound like a broken record, but thanks again for your personalized service, and the educational effort you put in to help me get on track with my project. It’s hard these days to trust anyone you meet in cyberspace, but I knew after only a few conversations that there was no way I would consider buying a vintage reel to reel machine from anyone but you. Your attention to detail, and honesty is very commendable….. rare these days in business. I’m sure I will be happy with my purchase.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go with my “purist” blues recording effort.

Thank You,
Don Brown

From Ben Thomas, Beatsymusic.com:

Hey Tom

Yes it [MXP390] arrived a few days ago safe and sound, looking much better than I expected!

Thanks for your honest and professional service, I can't believe I've got this beast for cheaper than a spirit folio!

Awesome thanks Tom. I will be checking your website regularly

Best Wishes

Benjamin T.

From Larry Hudson, Dahlquist Enthusiast:


Thanks for getting the order out so quickly. I received the drivers today, and they were in excellent condition. I have my DQM-9C's back up and running.

Thanks again,

From Michael Schweisheimer of Primitive World Productions:

bibb technical services is our first and last call for all of our equipment, integration, installation, and maintenance needs.  We have yet to offer a challenge that could invalidate their "No job too weird" slogan.

Top rate service, great follow up, and excellent pricing. We no longer need competitive bids.

Thank you,

Michael Schweisheimer
Primitive World Productions
6368 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144-1936

From Scott Sanderson, Musician:

Cool, competent, and conscientious doesn’t say enough. I first met Tom while searching for some specific (and affordable) components during an upgrade to my home studio. I’m a recording musician who’s also been smitten by documentary filmmaking and discovering Bibb Technical was like stumbling into the audio-video toy store of my dreams – a technological El Dorado!.

Sitting at a test bench, we went over my new mixer channel by channel, bus by bus, fader by fader -- confirming signal strength, clarity and patching until I had to say “no mas!”

Tom’s insistence on ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your purchases – and his willingness to stand by his sales and professional service is something I’d simply never encountered anywhere before during nearly 30 years of purchasing instruments and electronics. I left Tom’s shop a little weary, a lot wiser – and confident that I’d made a great purchase.

Not long afterward, when a beloved Ensoniq SD1 went south on me – I knew just who to call. Finding parts, circuit boards – let alone a qualified technician -- for a synthesizer made by a company that’s been out of business for over a decade is a daunting proposition. But within a week, Tom had isolated the problem with the circuitry, made the necessary repairs – and I had the keyboard back and working as good as new.

Finding an honest car mechanic – or an electronics technician – is one of those rare events in life that’s hard to ascribe a proper value. Bibb Technical is such a place … Bookmark the url, check in often to see what’s new in stock -- and then add them to your speed dial – you’ll be happy you did.

Scott Sanderson
Oaklyn, NJ

From John C. Underwood on a March 2011 Otari MX5050 Purchase:

Hi Tom,

Everything was beautifully packed and arrived in perfect shape.  I played a couple of my old half track tapes, and they sounded great through my Citation II Amps and Klipsch La Scalas.   It's certainly more than adequate for my purposes.  I will pull out the Neumann mics this weekend and try recording.  Its a super machine that has so far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for making this such a pleasant transaction.

Best regards,

 From Michael Muderick, Independent Producer:

I've worked with Tom and bibbtek for a number of years.  His knowledge and advice have proven invaluable to me on many occasions. I did free-lance work for  The Gregg Center conference facility at  The American College of Life Underwriters.   Tom had designed all the AV facilities there, and that installation was how I first met him and learned of his expertise.  

My most recent project involved the renovation of a synagogue sound system that had been installed in 1973.   Tom came in, evaluated the project and the limited budget, and was quickly able to identify what would be re-usable, i.e. the wiring infrastructure, the microphones and speakers.   He designed a system that not only served the three areas needed, but allowed us the ultimate in flexibility for any conceivable need.  

He submitted an estimated quotation of the project, and put the system together under budget.   His access to new and used equipment helped make this happen.  But, most importantly, in the ensuing months, he made himself available for any followup questions....he provided further recommendations, and willingly handled the exchange of a component due to manufacturer defect.   

I would have no hesitation to recommend bibbtek for any audio or video project needs.

Michael Muderick
Muderick Media

From Regina Hober, Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary School:

bibb technical services has saved the day for us on more than one occasion!  I work in a busy elementary school where there are various performances going on throughout the school year from music and dance recitals to full length plays.  We used to have terrible issues with our sound system until bibb tech got everything up and running for us - even making last minute house calls when we really needed help!  Tom is still guiding us through improving our existing sound system in the most effective and cost efficient way.  I would highly recommend bibb technical services to anyone who is looking for some "sound advice!"

Regina Hober
Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Fine Arts Committee
Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary School

816 Norristown Rd.
Springhouse,  PA

From Bonnie Keller, Keller Communications Inc.:

In setting up my home recording studio, Tom was the answer to my audio issues.   My system had a barely audible but annoying high pitch hiss which was next to impossible to locate.  Tom was able to find and resolve the problem.   Hundreds of happy records later...thanks Tom!
Bonnie Keller
Keller Communications Inc.
Voiceover talent/writer/producer

 From Joe DeStefano, Musician & Engineer:

I have been a client of Tom Barbarese of bibbtek for over twenty years, since I started my first recording studio with a TEAC 4 track reel to reel. Tom made custom cable snakes for me
which were invaluable then, and are still in use today. Over the years, Tom has always been available to make custom cables, wire patch bays, or trouble-shoot  problems. I have learned that studio equipment is only as good as the cables that connect it. Several years ago, Tom rewired my studio with Mogami cable and Neutrik connectors. The result was a studio free of the  hum problems I had been fighting and with the sonic clarity necessary in the digital age.

Another equally important aspect of bibbtek has been the ability to find new homes for my used equipment. He has often provided a profitable return on equipment which has been invaluable in helping to keep my studio going.

     Joe DeStefano
     Basement Recording Studio
     Philadelphia, Pa.

From Dave Hering of Blue Cross of Philadelphia:

Tom at bibb technical has been our "go to" guy for the past 20 plus years for any issue that requires real engineering. I have found many people that can hook up a couple wires, but for the big jobs I call bibb. When I needed a new audio system for group meetings in our conference rooms or a complete rewire of our two Avid video editing suites, I just picked up the phone and scheduled Tom. 

In the corporate world we need to get it right the first time and Bibb always delivers superior results.

David Hering
Manager, AV Services Department
Independence Blue Cross
1901 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

From Jim Andron of BRg Music Works:
I've had the pleasure of working with Tom off and on for many years, and have always found him to be the consummate professional, whether setting up a new studio or maintaining gear or even buying or selling musical or studio items. Always very competent and thorough, and always a pleasure to be around.

Jim Andron
Director of Production. BRg Music Works
A Division of Premiere Radio Networks
A Clear Channel Communications Company

From Michael Levanios Independent Composer:

Over the years, I've used bibbtek many times for studio installations and equipment service. Tom is a fanatic about doing the job right.  And, when the time came to upgrade and update, bibbtek was able to sell my used gear, resulting in more capital to invest going forward. I have also purchased products from bibbtek's website. Tom advised me on the right product to fit my needs, and then provided prompt delivery.  I've always been pleased with the results.

Michael Levanios
Composer / Sound Designer
PS: He works cheap if you feed him pasta and stinky cheese.

From Bob Cooney, Independent Engineer:

I use Bibbtek audio equipment at a large center city (Philadelphia) insurance company for teleconferencing and meeting support.  Although it was used I find it to be like new.  Tom is quite available to solve my overly complicated questions.  It just works... so I keep it simple. 
Bob C,  Shamrock Engineering

From Geoff Gundersdorf, Independent Producer:

I have been fortunate to have a working relationship with Tom Barbarese since 2001.  While I was just developing my skills as an audio engineer, I benefitted significantly by apprenticing at Bibbtek.  Working under Tom gave me the technical skills I needed to elevate my career.   Since this time, I have relied on Tom's expertise in many capacities.  As a former Director of a Media Department at a college and as I currently operate my own business, I have trusted Bibbtek with all of my technical needs.  Tom Barbarese has the knowledge, honesty and work ethic to make any project a success.