Bolex Paillard BX-55 Battery

Bolex BX55 battery pack. Working power supplies, these units may need new cells. Price is for one unit.
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These 2 Bolex Paillard BX-55s are in good condition overall.   The cases are fair to good, with one of them showing some tape residue.   One of the meters has a small crack along the left top of the face.  Both of the cables are in very good condition.  Both were well maintained by the owner.

The Bolex BX-55 has a built in charger and can be charged by 110 or 250 vac, (with a 110 plug attached) has a rate of charge meter, charge indicator lamp, fused output, and a socket for a sound sync cable connection. 

Included is a leather zippered case with shoulder strap.