Cetron CE-3C Photo Electric tube

The Cetron is another tube from Geneva, Ill., this one made by Continental Electric Co. Also NOS, please read the full description. Tested and working.
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This tube is a simple Photo Electric cell in a Globe style envelope, with braided radial copper leads on the base.  The copper leads are approx 18AWG, and terminate in 1/8 inch nickel plated pin connectors.  The tube has been in the original box until we photographed it for this listing.  There is no evidence of any leakage, and the envelope is clear and bright, with no signs of use on the pins or the base. 

The cell has a resistance range from 250KΩ (full light) to more than 30MΩ in darkness.

All tubes are sold Strictly AS IS, all sales are final, with no returns.

This tube is very similar to the Western Electric 3A, and the only photo we've found of a Cetron CE-3-C has a cylindrical (not spherical) body.  These tube types were used in a variety of film projectors, and for studying light absorption/scattering. 

Dims: 4.25" H x 2.25" D

The leads vary, 3 to 4" in length.