Crown International Tape deck Model LL822: 1/2 track mono Head assembly.

Parts from Crown International (yes that Crown) Model 700 and 800 series quarter inch decks. Head stack removed from an 800 series, model LL822. Windings tested for continuity only. See full description.
Fabricant: Crown
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This head assembly was removed from a Crown Model LL822, a .250" , 3 speed, 1/2 track MONO machine.

 The assembly includes the Playback, Record and Erase heads, all 4 stationary guides, a tape sensor block and the orignal leads with connectors.

Replacing the original wiring is recommended.  

The silver plated 5 pin AMPHENOL connectors are badly tarnished on these assemblies.  This particular one has a broken base and 1 pin is unattached.  


The record head was made by Brush with BK1090X1 stamped on one side.  The Erase head is marked Nortronics MEH4.  There are no marks aside from Crowns label on the play head, which looks like another Brush Development head.  

DCR readings with Fluke DMM:

Play 84Ω

Record 11Ω

Erase 29.7Ω

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