DBX 165 Compressor/Limiter early 1980s version.

DBX165 Mono compressor/limiters sn 1300,1698. VVG cosmetics, Bal Input, Classic, great sounding compressor. Pictured is sn 1698, sn1300 photos to be posted soon. SOLD OUT.
Fabricant: DBX
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Compression ratio: variable according to compression control
setting, threshold setting, and signal level.
Compression control determines maximum
compression ratio, continuously variable from 1:1 to infinity:1

: variable from-40 to+10 dBm (7 8 mV to 2.5V)

Attack: Manual mode  Max attack rate variable from I to 400dB/ms
Automatic mode: 15ms for 10dB level change
63% reduction: 5 ms for 20dB level change
in dB signal   3 ms for 30dB level change

: Manual mode: Max release rate variable from 10 to 4000 dB/s
Automatic mode: 120dB/sec
attack and release time constants measured in infinite compression region of
over easy curve

Output gain:variable from-20 to + 20dB

Metering:analog meter range of -20 to +10 dB,
switchable to read input level, output level, or
gainchange. Meter zero adj. -10 to +10dBm

Input impedance
: signal input:    22 k ohms balanced, II kohms unbalanced
detector input:   620 kohms balanced, 310 k ohms unbalanced

Input level: +24 dBm max

Equivalent input noise: less than-90 dBm. 20-20 kHz
Output impedance: less than 47 ohms (active low impedance output)
Output level: +23 dBm, 600 ohms load
Frequency response: +0,-1 dB, 20 Hz-20 kHz
Distortion: 2nd harmonic .05%
3rd harmonic .2% (auto, or manual with attack
and release controls centered)

NOTE figures are typical at °c compressipn.
1 kHz, OdBm input and output. 2nd harmonic is
relatively unaffected by compression ratio,
time constants and frequency while 3rd
harmonic decreases with slower time
constants, higher frequencies and lower
compression ratio