Emulator Systems Emulator I. SOLD OUT.

Emulator I, the 1st version of Emulator Systems Emulator line, a 4 Octave Keyboard sampling synthesizer, 500 were manufactured in 1982. Local Pickup Only. This Unit will not load any programs. Read full description. Sold...finally.
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This model uses a 5.25” Floppy drive to load Emulator Library Instrument samples into the onboard RAM.  Once loaded the sounds can be manipulated using the various controls and effects on the Synth, (Tuning, Vibrato, Sustain, etc).  

This particular unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, with very little wear to the case, the keys or any of the controls.   It comes complete with 2 pedals, a JLCooper Midi I/O adaptor, and a library of about 90 disks, 80 of those are original Emu program disks, the rest are user disks.   

Eprom: 820816.

It arrived in need of a new power transformer and repairs to a blown bridge rectifier.   The repairs were made and the unit was working, however the Floppy drive was acting erratically, intermittently failing to spin up.   Additional testing has shown that the drive will attempt to load a program only if the Lower output board is disconnected.  

The FDD stepper motor resets every 2 seconds.  This is an indication that the drive is badly out of alignment or that the track 00 detect switch is defective.   (The LED indicators indicate that the FDD is out of alignment.)   With both output boards connected the drive does not spin at all.

The unit is being sold As Is, for local pickup only.  Interested parties are invited to email or call for more information regarding the repairs and test results.

All of the power supply sections have been tested with and without a load and all rail voltages meet specifications.

All of the voltages at test points on the CPU, FDD, and Upper or Lower output modules are correct.

The CPU board appears to be functioning normally, according to the LED display sequencing.

The Main Output board (closest to the FDD) seems to be working as well.

With the Lower Output board disconnected, the FDD spins up, the stepper motor begins its sequence.

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