Extron DAV DAS MAAP Modules with Wall plate

These are VGA Line Extenders for Flat Panels and Video Projectors. 15 pin HD inputs to RGBHV BNC outputs, with Balanced Audio.
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The usual High Quality from Extron, these interfaces have been the staple for corporate conference and board rooms everywhere.  

This is a very simple interface that can be table or wall mounted and provides a buffered high resolution output to your Flat screen Plasma, LCD and Video Projection devices.   These units provide a standard 15 pin HD VGA jack input from your PC, Laptop, Macbook or whatever device you happen to have.   The outputs are on 5 BNC jacks that provide separate RGBHV outputs.  

Many  of the Laptops do not have very good video display cards and their outputs can be weak and unreliable, particularly with cable runs over 15' or so.   These Extron interfaces provide a rock solid output to your display, along with a buffered sync signal.   The DAV 101 can drive signals over 250 feet of cable with ease.   In addition, these units provide a buffered Audio output, that takes the Laptop audio and converts it into a Balanced Stereo signal.

This package retails for over $850.   This pair is in excellent condition and available for a fraction of the price.  Please note that one of the plates has a white Cat 5 connector (RJ45).   Other than that they are identical.

These Units provide the following modules all mounted in a double gang MAAP wall plate:

  • 2 DAV101CM-3 5-BNC Output - Black (pn 60-613-11)
  • 1 DAS101CM Audio Buffer, Black
  • 1 Network Plate with RJ45 Jack
  • 1 BNC Bulkhead jack
  • 1 SVideo Bulkhead jack
  • 1 Double Space Frame
  • Blank

 Here is some additional information from Extron:

DAV101CM VGA Line Driver  Key Features

• 400 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
• Compatible with VGA-QXGA resolutions
• Sync signal buffering
• Variable peaking control
• Mounts in products that accept a double-space MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plate

The Extron DAV101CM is a VGA line driver module designed to amplify the VGA signal from a laptop, desktop computer, or other VGA-QXGA sources. The DAV101CM buffers and equalizes the RGB and sync signals for long cable runs of up to 250 feet (75 meters) or more.   The BNC models include a 6" (15.2 cm) pigtail with five color-coded conductors terminated with female BNCs.

The DAV101CM is mounted in a double-space MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plate that installs in CPM Series modular connector plates and other products that accept MAAPs.  

The Extron DAS101CM is an audio buffer with one 3.5 mm stereo mini jack input.  It is designed to buffer and balance audio signals for long cable runs.

The DAS101CM is mounted in a compact, single-space MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plate that installs in CPM Series Modular Connector Plates and other products that accept MAAPs. It is available in black or white.


  • Output: Captive screw connector
  • Accepts unbalanced line level stereo audio input signals and outputs them as balanced audio or unbalanced audio
  • Buffers and balances audio signals for long cable runs
  • Mounts in products that accept MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plates
  • Available in black or white
  • Shares power supply with DAV101CM