Extron Super Emotia II pn 60-247-01.SOLD OUT. PAL/NTSC

Computer video interface for Projectors, Monitors, and Panels. Retired by Extron, this is an early model with 15 pin HD Looping input and RGBHV, SV and composite outputs. In VVG condition.
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This unit is in VVG condition, with accessories in the original plastic packing.  It has had light use and looks much newer than the 8/19/98 date on the box.  It includes the original power supply,  an Extron (Liberty) Mac adaptor with Switch chart, and (2) 15 Pin HD Male to 15 pin DB Female cables. 

The primary difference between this unit and the GX model is the GX provides Component (Y,-R,-B) along with RGB outputs.

 From Extron:

Extron’s Super Emotia II is a high resolution, real-time scan converter that converts VGA, SuperVGA, XGA, SGI and MAC/Quadra computer signals to standard NTSC or PAL video. The Super Emotia II is multiscan- ning allowing it to automatically recognize all incoming resolutions up to 1024 x 768 (up to 50 kHz interlaced and non-interlaced). It will then convert that signal into a composite video, S-Video and/or RGBS output.

The Super Emotia II is an affordable, professional quali- ty scan converter with high performance features. Using new digital technology, the Super Emotia II provides exceptional video output quality with minimal loss of signal integrity. The Super Emotia II includes a built-in anti-flicker filter that helps eliminate unwanted single pixel line flicker associated with scan conversion.

Other features include zoom control with the ability to zoom in up to 200%, panning capability, horizontal and vertical size/shift capabilities, overscan/underscan and freeze frame. There are also 16 memory settings that store size and position settings based on an incoming computer signal rates. The Super Emotia II comes standard with both VGA and MAC input cables, com- posite video (NTSC or PAL) and S-Video output cables.



■ Multiscanning– The Super Emotia II will automatically recognize all computers with resolutions up to 1024 x 768 (interlaced or non-interlaced, up to 50 kHz), such as VGA, SuperVGA, XGA, MAC/Quadra and SGI.

■ Professional quality video output– Using new, digital technology, Extron’s Super Emotia II outputs a high quality video image every time.

■ Memory capability– The Super Emotia II utilizes 16 memory locations to automatically store size and posi- tioning settings based on incoming signal rates.

■ Pan and zoom capability– The Super Emotia II allows the user to zoom in on an image up to 200%. With panning, the user may manipulate the zoomed image by adjusting its horizontal or vertical positioning.

■ Freeze frame– Offers the ability to freeze the image for detailed analysis or clarification on the TV monitor while the computer itself is still running.

■ Horizontal/vertical sizing and positioning– This allows user's the capability to center and size the output image for optimum positioning on the display device. All images displayed through the Super Emotia II can be displayed full-screen without any image cropping utilizing the sizing and positioning controls.

  • Outputs– The Super Emotia II simultaneously outputs various video formats including RGBS (15.7 kHz), NTSC/PAL and S-Video.

  • Overscan/underscan switch– This switch allows the entire image to be underscanned enabling informa- tion on the edges of the image to be displayed.

  • Anti-flicker– A three position flicker reduction switch helps to eliminate traces of flicker for both interlaced and non-interlaced video signals.

  • Input cables– The Super Emotia II includes VGA and MAC input cables as well as RCA and 4 pin din S-Video output cables.

  • Metal enclosure– A durable metal enclosure allows for placement under a computer monitor and protection in heavy use rental applications.


Computer input Connector: VGA - 15 pin HD, male VGA, Local Monitor Loop 15 Pin HD Female.

Signals: SuperVGA, MAC/Quadra, SGI Multiscanning up to 1024x768, interlaced/non-interlaced 

Horiz: 31.5 – 50 kHz 

Vertical: 54 – 130 Hz


NTSC............................. 15.75 kHz, 525 lines, BNC

PAL ................................ 15.6 kHz, 625 lines, BNC

S-Video........................... 15.75 kHz, 525/625 lines, 4 Pin Din

RGBS............................. 15.75 kHz analog RGB, 4x BNC (RGBS) 

 Dimensions:  1.5"H x 10"W x 11.5"D