Fujinon SRD-51 Zoom Controller with Cable

Fuji SRD-51 with an MCA-1A mount. Standard thumb operated Zoom control for Fuji lenses, tested & complete with 8 pin cable.
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These SRD-51 Zoom controls are compatible with a variety of Fujinon Servo Zoom lenses.   These units have been tested on an Ikegami camera with a Fujinon Macro Zoom lens.   The 8 pin Male-Female extension cables are included with these controls.   The servo zoom control is smooth and consistent at all speeds and in both directions.    The cosmetics vary slightly, and they are in VG condition overall.

The extension cables are very clean, with few signs of wear on the jackets or the connector fittings.

Please Note, the Thumb Lever for the zoom control is held in place with 6 small screws (#3-56), and a few of these have been replaced with non-original hardware.  This doesn't affect the operation of the controller.