Gentner TS612 Telephone Interface, sn001337, 12 LINE

This is a 12 Line On Air Telephone System for Live Radio, TV and Conference broadcasting. Mainframe only.
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This unit has been fully tested using a standard POTs line.  It is in good working order, and Cosmetically clean.  It has 2 additional Line Cards for a total of 4, this expands the capacity to 12 lines.  

The TS612 requires analog (POTS) telephone lines or analog extension lines from a PBX that fully emulates analog lines (loop-start plus battery).  For the best performance, Gentner Communications recommends that you connect directly to telephone-company provided POTS lines, rather than PBX extensions.

The Genter Systems are complete with Balanced XLR Caller outputs, On Hold Inputs, and Program inputs.  

The TS612 is a multi-line telephone system with a separate mainframe and control surface. The mainframe contains two internal digital hybrids which provide high-quality interface to six telephone lines (expandable to 12). The dual hybrids allow the TS612 to operate as a single-studio telephone system able to conference up to four callers simultaneously, or a two-studio system able to conference two callers to each studio.

Off-Air Telephone Use

The TS612 operates off-air like a standard multi-line telephone system. Using the control surface, outgoing and incoming calls can be placed and answered in complete privacy, even while other calls are on hold and on-air.

On-Air Telephone Use

Once connected, any call can be placed on-air at the touch of a button. Special features such as Screen, Next, and VIP, enable you to make sure that the right call goes on-air at the right time.

Dedicated Screening Station

The TS612 supports a dedicated call-screening control surface. An off- air screener takes incoming calls and places them in a screened-hold queue. The on-air talent or producer may press any line to put it on-air. To automatically place a call on-air from the top of the screened hold queue the on-air talent simply presses the Next button.

Firmware version 2.5.3 introduces user-selectable capabilities including split-caller mode, split-hybrid mode, previous-hold, two-button hold, and two-button off, and screener air control. These and others features will be discussed in detail later on in the manual.

Split-Caller Mode

You can use the TS612 as a single studio system and bring each of the hybrid outputs independently to the audio console with a single feed for both hybrids.

Split-Hybrid Mode

Like Split-Caller Mode, you can bring each hybrid out to the console independently. However, you can return independent feeds for each hybrid in Split-Hybrid Mode.


This mode places calls on hold automatically when you select another line. You can switch between previous-hold mode and traditional line switching (with automatic disconnect) via the control surface.

Two-Button Hold

With Two-Button Hold you can place a single call on hold when two or more lines are conferenced together.

Two-Button Off

This mode allows you to disconnect any line by pressing the Off button followed by the line button you wish to disconnect.

Screener Air Control

When enabled, this mode allows the screening control surface to place calls to and from air.