Grace Design Model 101 Mic Preamp

This is an early Chrome version of the Grace Mic Pre. Extremely clean, Quiet, Low noise preamp using select components and advanced design.
Disponibilité: Rupture de stock

Perfect for the small studio that needs a high quality Mic or Instrument Preamplifier.  Very transparent.  

The latest version retails for $685.  This unit is very clean and in perfect working condition.

 Here are the features and specs from Grace Design:

• fast, musical transimpedance amplifier architecture
• fully balanced, transformerless XLR microphone input
• high impedance 1/4 inch instrument DI input
balanced XLR and 1/4 inch TRS outputs
• gold plated XLR input and output connectors
• 11 position precision silver contact rotary switch gain control
• high quality conductive plastic 10dB output trim control
• 75Hz 12dB/octave transitional Thompson-Butterworth high pass filter
• two color, bi-phase LED peak meter shows signal present and peak
• optional extended gain range input (10-70dB) for ribbon microphones
• 1/2 width 1U chassis / two units fit together in a standard 1U rack tray
• sealed gold contact relay for instrument/mic switching
• high precision active balanced output circuit
• no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
• ultra clean 48 Volt phantom power
• minimal internal signal wiring
• 5 year warranty on parts and labor


Model 101


Mic input @40dB Gain -3dB        4.5Hz-390kHz
Mic input @40dB Gain -0.5dB  10.5Hz-140kHz
Hi-Z input @20dB Gain -3dB      2.5Hz-195kHz
Hi-Z input @20dB Gain-0.5dB    6.0Hz-74kHz
@20dB Gain +20dBu out    <0.00085%
@40dB Gain +20dBu out    <0.0010%
@60dB Gain +20dBu out     <0.0050%
IMD (SMPTE/DIN 4:1 7kHz/50Hz)
@40dB Gain +20dBu out    <0.02
50 Ohm source    <-130dB
150 Ohm source  <-128dB
600 Ohm source   <-124dB
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL 100k Ohm load, 0.1% THD  +25dBu
GAIN RANGE (5dB steps)
Mic input   10-60dB
Hi-Z input   -10-40dB
Unbalanced   +22dBu
Mic input   1600 Ohms
Hi-Z input (unbalanced)   1.0M Ohms
Hi-Z input (balanced)   2.0M Ohms
CMRR  100Hz  >68dB
1kHz  >75dB,  10kHz  >65dB
PHASE DEVIATION (HPF off) 50Hz-25kHz  <6 degrees