Henry Engineering- The Matchbox

The Matchbox by Henry Engineering. IHF to Pro Interface -10db to +4db. Stereo XLR input and outputs, to RCA inputs and outputs.
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This version is designed to be panel or rack mounted using the 2 keyholes in the back of the chassis.  They are light weight (1 lb) and small enough (6"x3.5"x2")  to be mounted to a rack rail or strut with Velcro or tie wraps. 

This model has a handy convenience outlet located on the top to ease the demand on the rack electrical strip.

There are level controls on the Studio Outputs.

Features and Specifications from Henry Engineering:

THE MATCHBOX  is an active interface amplifier that properly interfaces unbalanced “consumer” IHF-standard or Semi-Professional audio equipment with professional studio gear. THE MATCHBOX  is a bi-directional unit, with four independent amplifiers providing stereo input and output audio interface. Two amplifiers convert a stereo HI-Z unbalanced source to LO-Z balanced outputs at studio level. A second pair of amplifiers converts a stereo balanced studio line source to unbalanced compatible outputs. All four output levels are adjustable.

All circuitry is active and direct-coupled for absolute sonic transparency, making THE MATCHBOX  ideal for use with digital audio sources such as DAT recorders and computer-based digital sound editing systems.


                                 UNBAL input to BAL output                                   BAL input to UNBAL output
INPUT LEVEL:         -10dBv nom (HI GAIN: -20dBv)                               0dBu to +8dBu nominal
INPUT IMPED:          10K ohms (HI GAIN: 9K ohms)                               50K ohms
GAIN:                        +6 to +20dB (HI GAIN: add 6dB)                           -8dB to infinity (off)
OUTPUT LEVEL:      0 to +8dBu nom, +26dBu max                               -10dBv nom, +16dBv max
OUTPUT LOAD:       600 ohms or higher, balanced                               2K ohms or higher, unbalanced
NOISE LEVEL            85dB below nom output level                                80dB below nom output level


FREQ RESPONSE:    DC to 30 kHz, +/- 0.25dB                                        DC to 30 kHz, +/- 0.25dB
DISTORTION:            .008% at any frequency                                      .008% at any frequency
POWER INPUT:         115/230 VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 W

Dimensions:           6.25"w X 3.50"h X 2.25"d