Hickok 292X Crystal Controlled Microvolt Generator.

This generator is in good condition, and the output section has been tested with a scope to confirm ranges, etc. Due to Age, this piece is Available Strictly As Is.
Disponibilité: Rupture de stock

Hickok corporation is known for building Tube Testers, Oscillators and other types of high quality electronic test equipment for manufacturing, labs, and the professional electronic service industry. 

This generator was introduced in the early 1950s, as far as we can determine.  

The generator covers frequencies in several bands:

  • 125~325 KC
  • 325~890 KC
  • 890 KC~2.400 MC
  • 2.4~6.9 MC
  • 6.9~20 MC
  • 20~70 MC
  • 70~120 MC
  • 150~220 MC

It generates Audio, Modulated RF and Unmodulated RF, with adjustments for:

  • Audio output level
  • Output Selector
  • Crystal Band selector
  • DB Meter Range select
  • Band Selector
  • Master Attenuator
  • Microvolt Adjustment
  • Ouput Multiplier
  • Vernier Frequency Dial 
  • External Crystal and Audio Output Jack
  • RF Output Jack
  • Operate and Standby Lamps
  • Standby Switch.

Defects of note:

  • Portion of External Crystal plastic mount is missing 
  • scratches to the front panel below standby light,below Band selector and along the lower right corner. (please see photos)
  • worn paint area above left of AF output Pot.