Hotronic AR31 TBC/Frame Syncs, Non Functioning..

A PAIR of Hotronic TBCs. SOLD OUT.

These TBCs are identical except for the input jacks; one has BNCs and the other RCA connectors.   Both of these units were removed from an unused college video facility, and they do not power up.   The power supplies have no visible damage, and the primary components test good.   These power supplies appear to be Switched Mode supplies, and there is a built in current limiting circuit to protect the device from damage.   It's a pretty good bet that the protection circuit is preventing the supplies from turning on.

These TBCs are controlled using wired remotes which are NOT INCLUDED with the TBCs.



  • Y/C or Composite Input/Output
  • Time base correction for Heterodyne VTRs
  • Frame synchronization with full frame memory
  • 4 times sub-carrier sampling, 8 bit resolution
  • Digital comb filter
  • Gen-Lock capability
  • Remote Control including full proc-amp control with no interruption presets (Optional)
  • Transcode between composite and Y/C
  • Handle high speed search


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