JVC CR850U Umatic Editing Recorders (Pair)

These JVC CR850 machines were working when acquired but have not been recently tested. Sold As IS for Parts. Local pickup, or customer arranged shipping.
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Please Note, These machines are available for LOCAL PICKUP Only.

The JVC CR 850U was an answer to the Sony BVU series of Umatic Editing Recorders.  

From JVC:

  • Y-688 dubbing system compatible with popular TBC's.
  • Automatic H-phase control
  • Y-Frequency response control
  • Vertical interval head switching
  • Improved drop-out compensator circuit (CONVENIENCE, OPERABILITY)
  • Video line input blanking switcher (remote controllable)
  • Built in editing control functions including ENTRY in/out and PREVIEW
  • Digital tape counter which reads individual frames.
  • Built-in lap timer
  • Visible picture search speeds 1/30th to 10 times (fwd-rev) and high speed mode (15 times fwd, 20 times rev)
  • Jog mode (when used with serial controller)
  • Full capstan control in all modes (except load & eject)
  • Separate audio, video/tracking meters with level controls
  • Independent audio limiters
  • Electronic skew control
  • Large, illuminated pushbuttons (SYSTEMS, INTERCONNECTABILITY)
  • Front loading design--permits rack mounting
  • Serial (RS-422) and parallel edit control connectors
  • RF output for external DOC
  • External sync and sub-carrier inputs
  • SMPTE time code capability with address track
  • Balanced Audio with XLR connectors.
  • Switching regulator power supply (CONSTRUCTION, RELIABILITY, SERVICABILITY)
  • Full direct drive with independent reel servos
  • External hour meter
  • Die-cast chassis
  • Diagnostic warning mode
  • Front panel test points

A complete list of Technical specs, controls and accessories is available at JVC.