Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case. SOLD OUT.
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This microphone was acquired from a private non-smoking studio where it was used infrequently.     Every part of this package is in excellent condition, from the Microphone to the mount, power supply and Pelican case.   We are including a pair of Mogami 6 pin XLR extensions.   This piece is about as close to new as you will find.  

The MP47 features continuously variable pattern control, from Omni to Cardioid to figure Eight.  

All Lawson microphones are hand built in Nashville, Tennessee.   

 Here is some information from Lawson:

"We're proud to say Lawson products are not mass produced. Each Lawson mic is a unique work of art designed and built in the United States by me, Gayle, and a few other passionate and dedicated artisans. Our expertise and passion can be seen in every Lawson mic.
~ Gene Lawson"


A lot of personal time and consideration go into carefully choosing each Lawson component. We are committed to making sure all components in Lawson products, seen and unseen, are of the highest quality, such as:

• Proprietary low-loss tube sockets
• Hand-selected low noise vacuum tubes
• Custom Lundahl audio transformers
• 1% low noise metal film resistors
• High quality polypropylene capacitors
• Fine, flexible, multi-stranded oxygen free copper wire
• Low noise regulated power supply
• Gold plated XLR connectors


The capsule is the heart of the microphone. The integrity of the capsule, more than any other element, determines the microphone’s character and quality as a transducer. All Lawson capsules are manufactured in our Nashville TN factory using our CNC machinery and hand-lapped by Gene Lawson himself. Each capsule is mounted on a proprietary internal shock mounting system that provides superior isolation by filtering out vibrations that may travel through the stand and mic cable and virtually eliminates the need for external shock mounting systems. Both the L47 and L251 capsules use 3-micron diaphragms for improved transients and extended high frequency response.