National Electronics NL-649/5834 Tube, NOS

The National NL649/5834 is a high current rectifier tube. These are NOS, please read the full description.
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These tubes did not appear in any of the standard Data references, i.e., various editions of the RCA Receiving Tube Manual, Engineering Spec sheets, and tube substitution manuals.  

None of our tube testers have a listing for this tube, or any variants of the National Electronics numbers.  The tubes have been in the original boxes until we photographed them for this listing.  There is no evidence of any leakage, and the envelopes are clear and bright, with no signs of use on the pins or bases.

Additional numbers (possibly Date Codes) on the Tubes are 65 52, and 65 10.

All tubes are sold Strictly AS IS, all sales are final, with no returns.

Here's what we did find:  

The National NL649/5834 is a high current, mercury vapor, half wave rectifier tube. Max average forward current: 2 amperes;  Maximum peak inverse voltage: 900 Volts.

The filament voltage must be on prior to the high voltage.  Dims:  4.75" x 1.5"D (5.3" including pins)  

Fits standard 4 pin tube sockets.