Navitar Golden 7.12" f:2.8 Slide Projection Lens

Navitar series fits all standard Kodak Ektagraphic 35mm Slide Projectors. An Excellent quality lens for long throw applications.
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These lenses use precision metal housings (exept for the focusing tube), and are a high grade alternative to the standard plastic lenses offered by other manufacturers.   Made by D.O Industries, in Japan.

This is a fixed 7.12" (178mm) f 2.8 lens.   These are in very good condition with no defects to the glass.

Price is per lens.


Here's a little background on Navitar from Wikipedia:

Navitar is an optical design and manufacturer headquartered in Rochester, New York. The company has three divisions: Navitar Imaging Solutions, Navitar Projection Optics, and Special Optics.

Navitar’s optical technology dates back over 60 years with Navitar founder, David Goldstein’s first endeavor, Elgeet Optical. In 1954, the Navitar brand was 1st introduced by Elgeet on lenses that were developed for the U.S. Navy for missile tracking. David Goldstein went on to form D.O. Industries in 1972, which became the modern day Navitar, Inc.

David Goldstein’s sons Julian and Jeremy Goldstein who both lived in Japan and studied Japanese optical manufacturing techniques in the 1980s. The Goldstein brothers purchased Navitar from their father in 1994 and continue to own the company.