Otari MX-5050MKIII-8 (sn18106186)

Otari 8 track 1/2 inch Analog recorder in VVG condition, early version, with very low hours. Local pickup only.
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This machine comes with a set of original Otari Hub Adapters (TW-670) and an Otari take up reel.  All of the meters, lamps, LEDs, Button caps and knobs are intact and working.  All of the controls have been cleaned and tested for any intermittent contact noise.  

The machine has been realigned and recalibrated according to Otari specifications.  The lifter and Pressure roller linkages have been removed, cleaned and relubricated.  The Capstan motor has been lubricated according to Otari specs.

A new Athan dual bearing roller has been installed.

Speeds have been adjusted within < 0.2% at 10KHz. 

Pressure roller tension was reset and all of the Playback/Record Erase measrements meet or exceed the original specifications.  

These machines have a tendency to develop tarnish in the level switches on the Rec/Play amplifiers.  So all 8 cards were removed, the edge connectors cleaned, and the switches and molex connectors treated.

The deck has been calibrated using a new MRL test tape (IEC/250 nw/m) and the Record and erasure tests were done using a NOS reel of Ampex 456.  The machine has not been rebiased.

Please Note:

--The original bottom cover was vented on these models, and it was replaced with a solid aluminum panel by the previous owner. 

--The head cover has an plain flat bar in place of an Editing block.

--There are some chips and scuffs to the side panels and defects in the paint on the top of the overbridge cover.

This deck is in excellent working condition, very good cosmetic condition, and inductance readings show the heads with better than 90% remaining life.  

Otari MX-5050 MKIII-8, 8 track 1/2 inch multi-track recorder. This deck has all of the features of the MX5050 family, with a layout optimized for 8 tracks. 

This model features a meter overbridge that has all of the input level controls and a large, well designed front panel with the Oscillator, Repro-Input-Sync and headphone monitor sections.  

Otari decks have been known as reliable workhorses in the broadcast and recording industry for decades. These machines feature all of the most desirable features for multi track analog work. 

  • 15 and 7.5 IPS operation (slower speed pair can be selected internally)
  • Frequency Resp: 15IPS 40HZ-25KHz +-2db  
  • Frequency Resp: 7.5IPS 20HZ-20KHz +-2db
  • Wow and Flutter <0.05% @ 15IPS
  • 3 heads, 3 motors
  • DC servo Capstan motor
  • 6 Digit LED tape timer
  • +/- 7% Pitch control
  • 100 second/2500' Rewind time
  • Dims (w/o stand or reels) 17" W x 26.5 D x 17.3 H
  • Hi level (+4dbm) Inputs and outputs (XLR)
  • Input level Variable, or Fixed at +4 or -8dbm
  • Output levels Fixed at +4 or -8dbm
  • Max output +21dbm
  • NAB or IEC Equalization
  • Internal oscillator 10K/1K for bias and level tests, w Ext Osc. option
  • Accurate analog metering w Peak Indicators
  • Global (one button) option for switching mode to Inputs, SELsync or Repro
  • Ready/Safe toggles with indicators
  • Color coded REC/REP/SEL/INP indicators
  • Monitor Select
  • Headphone Monitor Select panel
  • Standby Function: Auto switches to Input when stopped.
  • Remote control capable