Phase Linear 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction Unit

Phase Linear 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction and Dynamic Range Recovery unit. Very Good Condition!
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The following is from the Phase Linear Brochure:




Unlimit Threshold Lamp:Provides visual indication of peak unlimit operation. This lamp should come on during the peaks in the program material but should not stay on all the time.

Unlimit Threshold: Rotate clockwise to increase dynamic range of program material. Adjust so that unlimit indicator lamp illuminates on peaks and extinguishes between musical peaks. This knob adjusts both the peak unlimiter and the downward expander.

Low Frequency Calibration:Adjusts low frequency noise reduction. Once this is adjusted properly it should not be changed unless your cartridge or turntable is changed. An incorrect setting of this control will cause a loss of bass response. (See Operating Instructions)

Correlation Threshold:Rotate counterclockwise to remove noise from program material. Correct adjustment is indicated by absence of random hiss and presence of all high frequencies associated with the musical program. Incorrect adjustment is indicated by complete loss of high frequencies or by presence of noise in the program. Typically, proper settings are found in the eleven to three o’clock positions though this setting will vary with the source material.

Autocorrelator:Press in to activate correlator.

Peak Unlimiter:Push in to activate Peak Unlimiter/Downward Expander.

Tape Source:Press in to use tape path on Model 1000.


TOTAL DISTORTION: Less than .250%.
INPUT LEVEL: 3 volts R.M.S. maximum
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Full output 8 volts R.M.S. Better than 3 volts R.M.S. into 2000 ohms.
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Within ‘ 1dB from 20Hz to 20k Hz.
PEAK UNLIMITER: (Nominal peak unlimit rate attack threshold, front panel variable) .5 dB/microsecond for +6 dB peak unlimit operation.
NOMINAL AMPLITUDE ATTACK THRESHOLD: 2 volts peak at input to peak unlimiter.
SEMICONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT: 28 transistors, 8 integrated circuits, 91 diodes
DOWNWARD EXPANDER: Downward expansion commences at -35dB Ultimate limit is -41dB. Unlimiter window is 35dB wide, upper and lower thresholds are simultaneously variable by front panel unlimit threshold control.
AUTOCORRELATOR (NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEMS): High frequency noise reduction commences at 2kHz and is 3dB, reaching 10dB from 4kHz to 20kHz. Low frequency noise reduction begins at 200Hz, ultimately reaching 20dB @ 20Hz. Passive subsonic filter rejection of -35dB @ 5Hz. Weighted overall noise reduction is -10dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
TAPE MONITOR: The Model 1000 provides a tape monitor circuit to replace the one it utilized.
SIZE: 9 1/2" wide x 5” high 11-4/5” deep.