The Music Director Programming Service Library SOLD OUT.

Most recorded on Maxell UD35-90 stock, 7"reels of recorded music designed for radio airplay. Price is for the entire lot (79 reels). Please call to arrange for purchase.
Disponibilité: Rupture de stock

This is a lot of over 75 7" reels of quarter inch Maxell UD 35-90 stock,  pre-recorded at 7.5 IPS, 1/2 Track stereo for an average of 45 minutes per reel.  

The tapes are cataloged mostly by year, starting with 1955 and running through 1980 or so.  Earlier years are represented with a single tape, with 2 tapes per year through the 1960s and 70s.  

The reels have been spot checked and show no signs of any degradation (no brittle tape, sticky tape, wet or dry shedding) whatsoever.   The reels are in the original plastic bags in original Maxell boxes.   Each has its own playlist printed onto the box.   The playlists are categorized by Title, Artist, Year, Time, Tempo and Ending.

Some reels are packed Tails Out as per radio protocol, and are marked as such.  

The boxes are marked "The Music Director" Programming Service.  Some boxes have "These are damn good programmers" on the label.  Other releases from the same company were labeled as "A/C Safest Oldies".  

This library was purchased by a small Philadelphia area production house, we believe in the mid 1980s, and judging from the condition of the tapes and the boxes this library went largely unused.