Raxxess LSCP-8 8 RU Plexiglass Security cover

A steel frame with 2 Locking Plexiglass covers, of 4 RU each. Typically retails for $90.
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These are great for controlling access to PA equipment, Video Gear, or any application where you need quick access to rack mount equipment with full visibility.   There are 2 sections of 4 RU each, and both locks are keyed alike.  Each section has a full length piano hinge, and a simple keyed tab lock.
This piece is in Good condition, with some slight oxidation on a few of the screws.  There are no chips or cracks to the plexiglass covers.

The Steel frame provides an inch of depth to allow for knobs and switches.   Installation is easy, simply place the unit in the rack, then slide your gear into the appropriate locations.   You can mount the frame so that doors swing either up or down.