RCA MI-6203-C Lo Z Ribbon Microphone, sn 1464.

A working RCA Ribbon mic, All original, please read the full description for details.
Fabricant: RCA
Disponibilité: Rupture de stock

This is an RCA Ribbon mic, model MI-6203-C, Serial # 1464.  RCA built this model with the same ribbon and magnet construction that they used in the more expensive RCA Type 77-D.  Essentially it's a Model 77-D without a low cut switch, and the pattern control uses a spring held sliding fitting.

The cosmetics of this microphone are poor: the paint is flaking, internal fabric intact but faded and pulling away from the frame in spots, and the top sides of the case are slightly deformed.  

The mic works perfectly, with no noise or hum.  Inspection of the ribbon shows that is has retained its form.  

From RCA Lit:

"The MI-6203 (low impedance) Varacoustic Micro­phones are high-fidelity ribbon type instruments, which are designed to provide a variety of directional response patterns. The Varacoustic Microphone is especially recommended for public address, industrial sound and stage pick-up. It is intended primarily for indoor use and if used outdoors should be protected by a silk bag or other suitable windscreen. The choice of directional patterns makes it possible to regulate the field of pickup to a considerable extent with a resulting increase in signal-to-noise ratio. Reverberations and unwanted sounds such as audience noise may also be reduced by proper adjustment and placement of the microphone."

Directional Characteristics
"The desired directional response is selected by moving the adjustable slider on the back of the microphone case to any of the marked positions. The positions lettered P, U, and V refer to pressure, unidirectional and velocity operation respectively: the two inter­mediate positions are numbered 1 and 2. The directional characteristics are continuously variable and the slider may be stopped between any of the marked positions. Adjustment of the microphone will be determined by its location and the purpose for which it is used."