Roland RE201 Space Echo, early 1980s, sn249425.

A combination Spring tank reverb, tape delay echo unit with Microphone/Instrument and Line Level inputs. VERY clean, with new Maxell UD tape loop. SOLD OUT.
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This is a one owner unit that was acquired and shelved some years ago.  It was lightly used as a mic preamp in an artist's animation studio.  Excellent cosmetic condition with no damage to the tolex.  

The unit has been disassembled for inspection, cleaning and relubrication of the capstan motor and pressure roller bearing.  The PCB, capacitors and all internal wiring were inspected and are about as clean as one could imagine.

All of the jacks, switches and pots have been cleaned and treated. 

The machine is original except for the tape loop, which was replaced with Maxell UD stock.  The roller tension was readjusted, along with the spring tensioned wiper arms on the supply side of the tape path.  

Tape movement is smooth at all speeds, however the design of the mechanism relies on felt pads to provide the necessary hold back tension. This is difficult to adjust with any precision, but good enough for guitar and vocal effects.

The head stack, roller and guides all show very little wear.      

This unit includes an original Roland Echo Chamber Tape loop, unused in original plastic case, part number RT-1L.