Sell Your Gear

Liquidate Unwanted Electronic Inventory for Cash, New Equipment or Credit

bibb technical services has been helping Corporate clients, Public and Government Institutions, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Private owners in liquidating antiquated electronic equipment since 1985.  We can provide an accurate inventory listing and a realistic appraisal of the open market value that you can use as a guide if you wish to manage the sale yourself.   

bibb technical services will buy your unwanted electronics for cash.  

bibb technical will purchase and deliver selected new gear in exchange for old inventory.  Many of our Corporate clients take advantage of that exchange process to acquire new equipment when there is no room in the budget for any purchases.  

We have a network of associated dealers, engineers, installers, production houses and clients who are regular buyers of legacy gear.   We take great pains to keep as much equipment out of landfills as possible and get it into the hands of those who can make the best use of it, whether it's a donation to a non profit or a resale to an end user.

So, if you are upgrading your studio or just clearing out that pile of cannibalized junk in the basement, contact bibb technical by phone or email. Regardless of condition, we can help you get the most from your old equipment. If we can't use it or find a home for it, we will happily steer you to someone who can.

Our Goals here are simple:

  • Give old gear a second life through restoration and resale
  • Provide our clients with a means to Free up precious space
  • Keep toxic electronic equipment out of incinerators and landfills

Here is a partial list of Wanted Gear:

  • Consoles
  • Compressors, Limiters, Gates & Reverbs
  • Guitar Amplifiers: Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Sunn, any condition.
  • Equalizers, Effects-Analog and Digital
  • Electronic Crossovers
  • Intercoms
  • Microphones (AKG, Altec, EV, Neumann, Shure, Sennheiser, any type.)
  • Monitors
  • Musical Instruments and Electonic Keyboards
  • Organs & Synths: Farfisa, Arp, Rhodes, Moog.
  • Patch Bays & Cables
  • Power Amps
  • Preamps
  • Projectors and Lenses
  • Racks
  • Raw Drivers, Horns
  • Reel Decks & Recorders: Professional or Consumer, any tape size or format
  • Snakes: Fanned, Boxed or
  • Telephone and Video Codecs
  • Telephone Equipment-Vintage and New
  • Test Equipment-Vintage and New
  • Tripods
  • Tube Equipment-Preamps, Receivers, Tuners,
  • Tube Testers by Hickok & Precision, Old tube stock
  • Turntables
  • Video Monitors (CRTs) especially Sony PVM and BVM series monitors
  • Video Cameras & Editing Equipment
  • Video Recorders: Sony 1/2" Portapak, Umatic, One Inch, D2, Beta, DVC Pro,  8mm, etc.
  • Video Switchers: Analog, Digital, Composite, Component

Although we are primarily interested in Professional Production Equipment, there is interest in some consumer gear, such as certain types of Reel to Reel decks and Hi-Fi equipment.  

If you're not sure, please don't hesitate to call or email a list.   We'll be happy to review your list and let you know if we have any interest.