Shure M63 Audio Master

A combination Preamp & Equalizer, in the style of the old Pultec filters. A very useful tool to clean up noisy audio tracks and provide additional gain as needed.
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 These EQs can be rackmounted with Shure's rack mount kits.  

Please Note: Some of the units have 2 holes drilled into the top cover.   The units with the holes were mounted under a a shelf and there is some distortion to the top of the cover along with the holes.   If this is a potential issue, PLEASE get in touch prior to placing an order for the M63.   Thanks!

The Shure Model M63 AUDIO MASTER® is designed to give maximum flexibility in the control of volume, bass response, treble response, and high and low frequency roll-off. The Model M63 works ideally as a Master Control Center when used in conjunction with the Shure Model M68 series of microphone mixers.  The M63 provides a means to equalize sound systems for correction of room acoustics, to reduce feedback, to provide special sound effects, to reduce stand and stage noise and for tape recording.

AUDIO MASTER features:
• Five types of outputs
—600 ohms balanced line level
—High impedance, high level
—High impedance, microphone level
—Low impedance, microphone level, balanced
—Headphone jack for monitoring
• Inputs for two driving sources
• A VU meter to monitor audio level
• Continuously variable high-pass and low-pass 6 dB per octave filters
• Bass and treble tone controls


  • Frequency Response ±2 dB, 20 to 20,000 Hz (all controls flat)
  • Voltage Gain (outputs terminated as noted, others
    open; volume and level control max.)
    Line Output: 38.5 dB (600-ohm load)
    Aux. Output: 39.0 dB (47k load)
    Hi-Imp. Mic. Output: -1.0 dB (33k load)
    Lo-lmp. Mic. Output: -21.0 dB (150-ohm load)
  • Tone Controls
    Bass:  +14, -19 dB at 100 Hz Typical
    Treble: +16, -19 dB at 10k Hz Typical
  • Filters (variable frequency)
    Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut 6 dB per octave, continuously
    variable -3 dB point.
    Noise Output (Line with 600-ohm load)
    Volume Control Min:  74 dB below+8 dBm, 20 Hz -20kHz
    81 dB below +8 dBm, 300 Hz -20kHz
    Volume Control max., 4.7k source:
    68 dB below +8 dBm, 20 Hz -20kHz
    71 dB below +8 dBm, 300 Hz -20kHz
  • Distortion:  Under 1% THD at +8 dBm output
  • Clipping Level +18 dBm (600-ohm load)
  • VU Meter (Calibrated for 600-ohm line termination)
    0 VU = +8 dBm ±1 dB fixed; or
    0 VU = +4 dBm; output may be attenuated by 20 dB.
  •  Inputs
    Two, mixing. Impedance 50k nominal. No amplification precedes VOLUME control, so that high-level input signals cannot cause overloading.
  • Outputs 600-ohm line: Balanced and floating, 150 ohms minimum load, 125 ohms actual internal imped- ance. Will operate with up to 100 mA. DC through transformer for driving telephone lines.
  •  Auxiliary Hi-Imp.: Unbalanced, 4.7k internal impedance. For driving high-level, high impedance inputs.
    Microphone Hi-Imp.: Unbalanced, 1k internal impedance. For driving medium-level high impedance microphone inputs.
    Microphone Lo-lmp.: Balanced, 0.5-ohm internal impedance. For driving low-level 25- to 250-ohm microphone inputs.
    Headphone: Two-level, for 600- to 2,000-ohm head- phones. Crystal headphones may be used.
  • Operating Voltage
    AC Operation: 108-132 volts, at 50 to 60 Hz.

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