Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC

A 1994 Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC, working, removed from a small Edit facility. Very good cosmetics, please read full description.
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This desktop PC was part of a small corporate educational facility along with several other systems.  We have booted the PC and gathered the information below from the files that we were able to access.   The accounts are password protected and we had  only limited access to many of the files on the machine.  

A 1994 Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC.  This unit is from a Video Editing desk and has the following features/specifications:

IRIX Operating system V 5.3

IP22 Platform 

200MHZ processor

2.17 Gig SCSI drive


MIPS R4400

Indy 24 Bit

A2 Audio Processor

Model CMN B006


Partial list of Software


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop 3