SOM Berthiot Television Zoom Lens.

This lens, along with a 1950 Zoomar TV lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with any offers.
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Société d'Optique et de Mécanique Berthiot (SOM Berthiot) was a French manufacturer of optics and photographic lenses. They produced C and D mount motion picture lenses for professional and amateur use.


This lens has evidence of repair to the focus/zoom rod mount that appears as translucent red adhesive around the mounting screws, one of which seems to be broken off.  This has every indication of being done decades ago, possibly to prevent the mounting screws from loosening during use.

The zoom and focus elements move, but stiffly.  The F-stop ring rotates but there is no movement of the Iris at all.  There is significant fogging on some of the internal elements as well, so any buyers should consider this as a display item, and not for use without a complete rebuild.  The gear attached to the focus lens is removable. 

All of the pieces fit nicely into the original carrying case which is blocked, pocketed and fabric lined.  The case measures 15x8x6 inches.

Lens info:

  • Overall length, 12”.
  • Patent number 2778272 (this number appears on multiple styles of SOM Berthiot lenses) 
  • Serial number:  AC 10325
  • Stops from f44 to f5.9

Package includes:

  • lens with focus/zoom rod
  • Threaded Lens cover
  • Two Piece mount with thumb screws
  • misc knobs, gear, etc. (4)
  • Original case of metal, fiber and wood, lined with deep red fabric.  
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