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Sony BVU 950 sn12352, Umatic Editing deck, SOLD OUT.

The top of the line model in Sony's Broadcast Umatic line. This machine is in working condition, local pickup, or customer can arrange for shipping.

Sony LVR5000 Laser DIsk recording system with Blank Media.

A Two piece Sony Laser disk recorder, LVR5000A Processor and LVR5000A Disk Recorder, both in Excellent condition, A Blank Disk and operating manual are included. For Local pickup. Please call for shipping requests.
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Sony Extender Boards, lot of 7 pcs.

For Servicing Sony D2 and other VTRs; allows extension of boards for easy access for component level troubleshooting. Very good condition. See list, sold as lot only.
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Sony Cable 16 Pin M to F extension cable

Sony cables, with 16 pin Male to Female connectors, fit Sony BVH One inch decks. They are approximately 10 feet long.