Sony Betacam test tapes, set of 4.

Sony Beta NTSC Alignment test tapes: Test signals (metal), Test signals (Oxide), Audio test, Tracking test. Used and sold as is price is for set of 4 tapes..
Fabricant: Sony
Disponibilité: Rupture de stock

A set of 4 NTSC Beta alignment tapes.  Each tape includes a number of sections to test and align Beta decks for the correct output. 

The part numbers are as follow:

  • Sony Beta NTSC Test signals (metal), CR5-1B pn 8-960-096-41  30 min. RF sweep, Multi burst, Pulse & Bars,Bowtie, Flat field, 75% bars, quad phase, more
  • Sony Beta NTSC Test signals (Oxide), CR5-2A, 8-960-097-44.  15 min; Multi burst, Pulse & Bars, quad phase, etcRF
  • Sony Beta NTSC Audio test (OXIDE), CR8-1A, 8-960-097-45. 10 min.  1K,10K, 1k, 40Hz, 7K,10K, 15K, 1k for Audio and CTL height. 
  • Sony Beta NTSC Tracking test. (Metal) CR2-1B  pn 8-960-096-01.