Sony Camera Case for DXC series

Sony Thermodyne LC-505 TH flight case. Large, with room for batteries, Power supplies and extra backs. FAIR condition, please note that there are no wheels with this case.
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Overall condition is fair, and the foam is ok, please note the cuts in the foam in the lower portion of the case.  Closure is fine, and please note the wheel mounts in the last photo.

Sony D30/DXC537 Camera Case 

This is a full size flight case that can be used for pretty much any delicate electronic or photographic equipment.  It has foam that has been molded for a Sony D30 digital video camera with power supply and accessories.   The foam can easily be recut or replaced to accommodate any gear.   The tag lists it as a Thermodyne Shok-Stop.


Here are the specs:

  • Internal measurements:   Approx 18.5" X 28.5" X 12"
  • External measurements:  Approx 21.5" X 32" X 14"
  • Weight with foam:  24 pounds
  • Full rear hinge
  • Tongue & groove closure
  • Front and side locks
  • Front and side handles
  • Stackable
  • Slots for wheels, but no wheels with the case.