Sony LVR5000 Laser DIsk recording system with Blank Media.

A Two piece Sony Laser disk recorder, LVR5000A Processor and LVR5000A Disk Recorder, both in Excellent condition, A Blank Disk and operating manual are included. For Local pickup. Please call for shipping requests.
Fabricant: Sony
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The Sony LVR 5000A Laser Videodisc system, employed RGB/Component signals for recording to 12" WORM (Write Once) Laser discs.  This system was lightly used at a local Medical facility. 

It may be of more interest to the collector, but it was fully operational when acquired, and the only test we haven't made is recording to a blank disc.   

The unit has RGB, Y,R-y,B-y, Composite video Inputs with looping inputs for Composite and Ref video.  

Available outputs are RGB, Y,R-y,B-y, Y/C (4pin), Composite, Sync.  

It has balanced stereo audio connections, Ref Sync, 9 pin remote connections.  The hours meter registers less than zero.     

A CRV Component Recording Video disc  is included with this unit, Laser Videodisc Media, LVM-3AA0

This price is for local pickup in New Jersey.