Soundcraft 800B 8013 Submaster Strips

Submaster strips from an 800B frame. These are 8013 submaster mix strips. All were removed from a working frame. Sold AS IS, for parts. Condition varies, generally fair to good. Priced each.
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These modules are untested.  Some of them are missing knobs, knob caps, or may have damaged knobs, fader covers,  etc. 

These have been in controlled storage for some time, and we've found that many of the pots are sticky, some to the point where they are VERY difficult to turn.   There's no evidence of any damage, but we've found that this seems to be the result of the shaft lubrication having seized up from lack of use.

All of the faders move smoothly and easily.  

These modules used quality components throughout, including Texas Instrument TL072 low noise op amps, NE5534s,  ALPS faders, Plessey caps, glass pcbs, and low noise film resistors...essentially SOTA for 1983.   


Details, Controls and specifications for the 8013 Submaster strip modules are available here