SWR Blonde Workingman's Combo amplifier, sn 0782.

An early version (1997) of the SWR stereo guitar/bass amplifier packed with features for recording, club dates, solo acoustic work. SOLD OUT.
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This amp is as close to new condition as imaginable for its age. The panel screening, knobs, jacks, vinyl, grille and handles are all in excellent condition.  No scratches, rips, gouges, sticks, stems or seeds.   

Great for performing singer/songwriters, it features two separate channels so you can run a guitar and a balanced mic together.   It's compact at 24x15x15 inches, and lightweight at 50 pounds considering what it delivers.

The California Blonde powers a 12" Celestion K12T-200 woofer (vented pole piece, oversized motor) in a rear loaded reflex cabinet, and a bullet style high frequency horn that can be switched off, with 120W RMS output power.  

Features 2 independent channels, mono and stereo inputs, master volume, footswitchable spring reverb with master control, stereo headphone jack, discrete solid-state front end, side-chain effects loops with blend controls for each channel, balanced line out, and a separate output for your tuner.  

From the SWR Manual:

"In the late '90s, with consumer demand skyrocketing, SWR introduced its first Workingman's® Series. A broader range of bassists could now get the famous SWR sound with simplified features. The Workingman's 15 combo amp, with more than 20,000 units sold, became the most successful product in SWR history. The California Blonde™ acoustic guitar amp, one of the most popular such amps on the market among professionals, made its debut.
...Also during this period, it had become clear to SWR that it wasn't only jazz and session players who wanted "that sound"--many rock bass players wanted the clarity and trueness of SWR."


120 Watts @ 8 ohms (internal speaker only)
160 Watts @ 4 ohms (using an 8 ohm extension speaker)

1- 12" Celestion woofer, 200 watts, 8 ohm impedance
1- high frequency supertweeter, 25 watts, 16 ohms (crossover point fixed at 4kHz)


Made from a combination of plywood and particle board. Interlocking dado and rabbet joints, glued and nailed. Covered in a "sandstone" vinyl covering. Metal corners. Comes with our "Texas Bar Proof" powdercoated speaker grill. Front slot port located at bottom.
One top strap handle and one spring loaded handle on the bottom. For better monitoring, tilt the cabinet back and extend the bottom han- dle. Then lower the cabinet down, resting it on the rubber handle.

DIMENSIONS: 24"Hx14.5"Wx14.5"D WEIGHT: 50 lbs.

• Instrument Input Jack
• Stereo Input Jack
• Tuner Out Jack
• Balanced Mic Input Jack
• Gain Controls with LED Overload Indicator and Pull Phase • Aural Enhancer Control (Channel 1)
• Bass Controls
• Mid Range Level Controls • Treble Controls
• Effects Blend Controls
• Reverb Control
• Master Volume Control
• Power On/Off Switch
• Line Fuse: 3A slo-blo
• A/C Power Cord Receptacle
• Stereo Headphones Jack
• Speaker On/Off Switch
• Effects Send Jacks
• Effects Return Jacks
• Balanced Line Out
• Line Out Jacks (Channel 1 or 2) • Post-Reverb Return Jack
• Reverb Footswitch Jack

• Tweeter Attenuator Control
• Extension Speaker Out Jacks (Speakon and 1/4")