Tascam 133 Multi-Image Deck

A 4 track, 3 channel professional tape deck, dual speed, very good condition. With DOLBY NR.
Fabricant: Teac Tascam
Disponibilité: En stock

This is a professional rack mount 2 speed cassette deck that uses a 4 track, 3 channel format (Left, Right and Cue channels). The heads and transport are in very good condition, and all tape functions work smoothly.

This machine has a new capstan belt, has been cleaned, lubricated and tested. All of the mechanical and electronic functions are working fine. The unit was tested using Maxell XLII-S CrO2 stock. Record and PB levels were calibrated according to the manual. Recalibration/reBiasing for user tape is recommended.  

Cosmetics are Very Good, with some wear on the paint along the front edge of the top cover, and the rack ears. All of the lamps and Meters work well.

Specs from Tascam:

PhilipsType Cassette C-60 and C-90 70 us. Hi-Bias Tape
Format: 4-Track, 3-Channel
Tape Speed: 1-7/8 ips and 3-3/4 ips (4.76 cm/s and 9.5 cm/s) 1-7/8 ips (4.76 cm/s) ‡0.5 %deviation
3-3/4 ips (9.5 cm/s) ‡0.5 % deviation

Wow & Flutter: 1-7/8 ips (4.76 cm/s) ‡0.085 % peak (DIN/IEC weighted) ‡0.18 % peak (DIN/IEC unweighted) 0.06 % (NAB weighted) 0.11 % (NAB unweighted)

--3-3/4 ips (9.5 cm/s) ‡0.055 % peak (DIN/IEC weighted) ‡0.13 %peak (DIN/IEC unweighted) 0.04 % (NAB weighted)
0.07 % (NAB unweighted)

Fast Wind time: Less than 90 sec. for C-60

1FG Servo Controlled DC Capstan Motor 1 DC Reel Motor
2 Heads: Erase and Record/Playback
19" x 5-13/16" x 13-1/2" (482 x 147 × 345 mm)

2 Hi-Z Unbalanced Line inputs
2 Mic level inputs (Front panel 1/4 inch)
2 Unbalanced outputs
1 Stereo Headphone output with level control

CUE Signal: one input, one output.

Rear panel connections for external dbx or other Encoder inputs and outputs.