UNIVUER Audio Metering System over Composite Video signals.

The UniVUer generates bar graph meters over a video signal. The uniVUer is a 3 channel device, and this unit contains boards for 2 channels. Tested and working.
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The uniVUer is intended to be a 3 channel device, with a video input and output for each channel, along with Balanced Stereo Audio inputs for each channel.    NOTE: There are only 2 circuit boards included so only 2 of the channels work. 

This unit can generate stereo audio metering over 2 separate video signals.

Each postion is identical and has connections for:

  • Video input and output
  • Balanced Audio inputs (L & R)
  • 7 pin Remote socket

Set up is simple, the video signal is fed to the input, the audio signals are applied to the screw terminals and a bar graph of the audio signals is superimposed on the video output.  There are several controls on the pcbs for the Meter Bar Graphs, which can be changed from white to black.  There are level calibration adjustments as well, and most of the pots and switches are marked on the pcbs.  There is no manual or any specifications available with this unit.

We've tested the 2 channels that have cards and they both work.  The cards are not identical.